As if Brisbane needed another excuse to make every day cheat day, our favourite sweet-tooth satisfier is opening in the CBD tomorrow.  To celebrate, the champions at the new Chester St Cake Shop kiosk are offering free cake tomorrow between 3pm and 5pm. That’s right – F-R-E-E C-A-K-E.

Chester Street are pulling a Marie Antoinette on Brisbane and are pretty damn keen to “let them (us) eat cake”. As Brisbane isn’t in the kind of strife that the last Queen of France, Marie Antoinette, was in before her people got all up in her grill, we’re pretty massive advocates for this philosophy, too. After all, cake fixes everything. And free cake? Well, that’s revolutionary in itself.

Marie Antoinette

It’s first-in first-served, so make sure you hustle on down to the grand opening just outside King George Square Station for your free slice of paradise tomorrow. Whether you’re the kind of person who eats cake delicately with a fork alongside a cup of tea, or someone who isn’t afraid to dig in and get a little icing on your nose – Chester Street definitely has you covered.

The younger brother to the existing Chester Street Cake Shops at Newstead and South Bank, the CBD kiosk will sit at the entrance to King George Square Bus Station. Talk about a convenient three-thirtyitis pick-me-up! Apologies to those waistline-conscious city-bound office folk, but it’s time to forget your diets. Chester Street serves up the kind of cakes that are humanly impossible to say no to. These Instagrammable delights are perfect for a colleague’s birthday, an exciting promotion or Friday arvo treat (I mean, any excuse will do really …).

Chester St 2

Everyone knows Chester Street cakes are the Daenerys Targaryens of the cake world. They’re everyone’s favourite. Almost unbelievably beautiful and definitely worth bending the knee to. Reward yourself for surviving Monday with a slice of sugary deliciousness tomorrow at the grand opening. Dive in to a piece of red velvet, death by chocolate or the infamous rainbow cake and forget the stress of last night’s Game of Thrones episode the only way we know how – by eating our feelings.

Clear your schedules for tomorrow, people. Tuesday, July 25, will from here onwards be known as “free cake day”.

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