Brisbane Cat Cuddle Café

Brisbane Cat Cuddle Café

Coffee, cake, cats and cuddles - need we say more?

By Eveline Fielding | 19th August 2015

Can you answer any question with a Grumpy Cat meme? Are all of your recommended Youtube channels filled with stalking cats and cats saving kids from dogs? Are you responsible for the ludicrous ratings of the Channel Seven hit Cats Make You LOL? Then my friend, it is time to close down the screens and flaunt your cat craze out in the open at the newly opened Cat Cuddle Café.

Yes, you heard right. Located on Musgrave Road at Red Hill is a veritable cat-topia, where cat enthusiasts far and wide can pay $10 an hour to drink coffee, eat cake, and cuddle some adorable rescued kitties.

Even the most diehard dog person would struggle to resist these friendly felines along with a slice of Banoffee pie and some hot coffee, and it’s all from the hard work of owner and rescuer Katina Balson.

Yes, her name really is Kat-ina.

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After twenty years of running, ahem, Pussies Galore Rescue, self-identified crazy cat lady Katina used her cat-whispering abilities and crowd-funding of over $10,000 to transform the cat shelter into a haven for rescued cats and cuddle-seeking humans alike.

A coffee house with a cause, each and every cuddly cat lounging around Cat Cuddle Café is up for adoption, with more than ten cats homed in the first week of business alone.

With at least a dozen cats in the café at any one time of all ages and breeds (but all of consistent adorableness), there’s a huge range to choose from, whether you’re looking for a sassy Salem-type, a cheeky ginger or a shy tabby.

The question is, will that cat choose you?

Since these poor rescued kitties have already had it hard enough, Katina vets each potential owner very carefully to ensure a good fit and a happy cat.

But if all you want is an out-of-the-box coffee date with some kitten cuddling endorphins on the side, then this is the place for you.

All snacks and treats are strictly separate from any cat activity and are cruelty-free, with vegan cupcakes, Banoffee pie and bliss balls to munch with your Prestige Organic Coffee, available with organic, soy, rice or almond milk.
So if you’re feeling the feline vibe, be sure to make a booking online or over the phone, and have a pawsome time at the Cat Cuddle Café.

Cat Cuddle Café
160 Musgrave Road, Red Hill


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Article by Eveline Fielding

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