The Brisbane Brewery Letting You Brew Your Own Beer

The Brisbane Brewery Letting You Brew Your Own Beer

Everyone loves to make something

By Emmy-Lou McKean | 28th June 2017

Chris Bevin picked up the inspiration for his brewery, Hub Brewing, at Geebung while living in Adelaide and working for a large wine company. After being surprised with the gift of a beer and wine-making tour by his wife, he was soon hooked and his newfound passion drove him to start his business.

Hub Brewing gives people the chance to create beers and ciders to their taste and to bottle, fill kegs with and store their creations.

“We always knew we wanted to focus on the fun and social element of brewing,” Chris says.

“Everyone loves to make something. There’s a genuine sense of achievement when someone can proudly tell their friends that they made their beer from scratch.”

We chat to Chris about why he decided to start his Brisbane brewery and the popularity of DIY brewing.

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Chris Bevin Owner of Hub Brewing Co

Was there a particular moment or experience that inspired you to start Hub Brewing?
The idea had been brewing for some time (pardon the pun). My wife knew I was interested in the science behind beer and wine-making, so she bought me a gift voucher to a brew-on-premise as a Christmas gift while we were living in Adelaide. The whole experience ignited a passion to do more brewing myself. A couple of months later, I was lucky enough to score some “spare” red and white grapes from a vineyard, so I decided to have a go at making my own wine. I had buckets bubbling away throughout the house and when one of them frothed over on to our brand new (and very expensive) porcelain tiles, my wife knew it was going to be easier and cheaper to let me start a business and make a mess somewhere else.

Did you always have the intention to include an element in your business where other beer and cider enthusiasts could create their own brews?
Yes, we always wanted to focus on the social or fun element involved with brewing, which is why we chose the name “Hub Brewing”. We wanted people to come in and feel a personal connection to their beer or cider.

Why do you think crafting your own beer has become so popular?
Everyone loves to make something! There’s a genuine sense of achievement when someone can proudly tell their friends that they made the beer from scratch. People love knowing the story behind what they’re eating or drinking so by creating your own brew, you have literally written the story.

What is the best thing about crafting your own brew?
I love coming up with a crazy idea and brewing it. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t, but the fun for me is thinking up how to make it a reality. I get inspiration for a brew in the weirdest places sometimes.

What can someone expect to experience when they visit Hub Brewing?
We hope to give them a unique hands-on experience where they can learn about the key ingredients that go into great-tasting beer, as well as taste a few different beer styles while making their own batch.

Is there a particular element to your business that most people don’t know about?
We’re planning to branch out and offer corporate events and brewery hire in the coming months.

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Do you host any master classes or tastings at your brewery, and if so, when can locals get in on the next one?
Yep! We’ll do a few themed tasting sessions throughout the year, so just keep up-to-date via our Facebook and Instagram for upcoming events.

If you could only pick one style of beer to drink for a year, what would it be?
I’ve spent a lot of time travelling around Europe, especially Germany, Austria and Switzerland, so there’s a special place reserved in my heart for wheat beers. So much complexity in a light, delicate style of beer just sucks me in every time.

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