Brisbane temperatures may be rising, but the ice-cream remain freezing. Cool down this spring with our favourite ice cream in Brisbane.

Milani Café e Gelato | Hamilton

Honoured at the Australian Dairy Awards, Australia Dairy Product Competition and the Queensland Royal Food and Wine Show, it’s fair to say that Milany Café e Gelato is one of Brisbane’s best. There are 32 lavish flavours to choose from, and all of them are handmade. They even do an insane dish where the ice-cream is served to look like spaghetti carbonara! The carbonara ice-cream is hazelnut gelato topped with nuts, caramel and chocolate. A quick heads up! You’d be lucky to find a seat after dinner at this place, but that’s nothing a take-home container can’t fix.

Red Hook | Brisbane CBD

The secret Wagon Wheel dessert burger from Red Hook is an off-the-menu special. The burger is made up of a huge fudge brownie, vanilla ice-cream, chocolate syrup, and raspberry jam that is all squished in a burger that is stacked between two marshmallows. This dessert is totally over the top and is probably a weeks’ worth of calories, but nonetheless, it’s totally worth it!


Gelatissimo | Chermside & Brisbane City

As the winner of a number of awards since its inception, it’s no surprise that Gelatissimo is worth the excitement. Run in before summer is over to try the fluffy cake-in-a-cup dish. This rich delectable dessert is served with your choice of gelato flavour and topped with hot, drizzled Nutella. All their recipes are made fresh in-store, using no artificial colours or flavours. They also offer options that are gluten free, 98% sugar-free and nut-free. Oh, and if you can’t eat dairy, don’t stress, try the chocolate or fruity sorbets selection. Gelatissimo won’t disappoint!

Nom Nom Natural Gelato | Bulimba

Made with Maleny dairy milk, Nom Nom Natural Gelato can pair any ingredient to create the best flavour of its kind. This boutique dispensary stocks some of Brisbane’s finest gelato flavours including Madagascar vanilla, cheesecake, apple pie, gingerbread, Belgium chocolate, cinnamon, banana, coconut and much more. One of their most recent creations is the luxurious jam and shortbread dish. Oh man, just try and stop your mouth from watering!

Lick! Ice Cream | Graceville

Scooping ice-cream for over 12 years, Lick! Ice Cream is the official producer of the famous Ekka strawberry sundae. Their range of 18 ice-cream flavours offered in store is often rotated so you can always find something new to try. They also stock everyone’s favourites such as Oreo cookie, vanilla, rum and raisin, as well as salted peanut and the popular redskin. Lick! Ice Cream is also a very well-known wholesaler across Brisbane. In fact, they are so popular for their ability to customise flavours that they have managed to create over 600 flavours over their lifetime.

La Macelleria Gelateria | Teneriffe

Say hello to La Macelleria Geleteria’s Fondente alla Nutella; a soft-centred Nutella fondant served with vanilla bean gelato. From cakes to gelato to coffee, these guys have it all. Eating gelato is amazing on its own, but if you ever wanted to make your own at home, La Macelleria cooking class can teach you how. From 5:30pm – 7pm every Monday, let the professionals teach you how to make your own gelato. The best part is that you get to take home whatever you make! Yum, gelato to last you the week, or maybe just the night.

Nitrogenine | Southbank

Choose Nitrogenine in a cup or as a Nitroshake, either way, a small taste alone will send you straight to heaven. Top tip: try the Nutella Cornucopia ice-cream made from magical liquid nitrogen. All their ice-creams taste like the real thing, and that’s because they only use real foods to create their memorising flavours. Seven flavours are sold in store and rotated weekly between 82 flavours.

Gelateria Cremorna Rosalie | Paddington

If you are a true gelato fan and you have not yet visited Gelateria Cremona Rosalie, then you are seriously missing out on something beautiful. Aside from the charm of the old-fashioned store itself, the gelato is known for its quality and unusual rotation of flavours. If you are lucky enough, you may be able to catch the famous lamington flavoured ice-cream in the week of Australia Day!

Surabing Korean Dessert Café | Sunnybank

Do you love over the top desserts? Well, this is the place for you! Check out this mouth-watering dish by Surabing Korean Dessert Café. Bingsu is a Korean dish containing shaved ice, cookies, cream, ice-cream and a whole lot more! This baby is bound to curb your sweet cravings for a least a month. Either that or you’ll be back the next day!

The Doughnut Bar | Eat Street Markets, North Shore

The next time you are Eat Street Markets, make sure to grab a cup of scroll ice cream from the Doughnut Bar. These little scrolls have been a trend that have taken the world, and now Brissy, by storm. The process of achieving this aesthetic is accomplished right before your eyes. The ice-cream is pressed and smoothed onto a cool plate and rolled into the scrolls with a spatula. This process only takes a couple of minutes, but it’s enough to take your breath away. And that’s all before you every have your first taste.

Movenpick Ice Cream | Portside

Movenpick Ice Cream has long been a favourite for ice cream lovers. From their traditional flavours with slivers of chocolate mixed through, to new and exciting flavours on regular rotation, Movenpick are known for having some of the most intense flavours that have you feel like you’re eating the real thing. But, its the latest creation from the Movenpick team that has got us excited. The macaron ice-cream sandwich, is exactly what you’d assume. Two halves of a macarons sandwiching a scoop of Movenpick Ice Cream. Talk about ice cream goals!


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