Brisbane’s Best Breakfast Potato

Brisbane’s Best Breakfast Potato

Because sometimes you just need a big bowl of potato to kick off the day

By Elizabeth Best | 24th February 2016

When it comes to breakfast potato, you’re either a diehard fan or you’re wrong. Potato for breakfast is GODDAMN AWESOME. Because it’s the most versatile veggie in the world, it can be anything your heart desires: hash cakes, mash, tortillas, croquettes, chips. Geez, lift your game, every other vegetable! We’ve hunted high and low and uncovered Brisbane’s best potato dishes for breakfast. Go on, eat the fried stuff, we won’t judge. Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate.

GunShop Café, West End

These potato and feta hash cakes (pictured top) have been on the menu since forever and they’re so popular we reckon it will stay that way (right, GunShop? RIGHT?!) With accompaniments of herbed sour cream, baby spinach and truss cherry tomatoes, they’re also pretty as a picture.

Moose and Gibson, Wooloongabba

These are not your ordinary potato cakes. Oh no. Moose and Gibson’s black pudding potato cakes are paired with fried eggs, wilted spinach and paprika aioli. There’s a reason they continue to be a mainstay in Brisbane’s best breakfast lists.

Artie and Mai, Albion

Picture creamy mashed potato, feta and spring onion, rolled into a ball, crumbed and fried, served with rocket, tomato relish and either bacon, salmon or ham. Droooooool.

BillyKart, West End

Brisbane's Best Breakfast PotatoPotato Waffle BillyKart

We're getting a delicious heart attack just looking at this.

The hangover meal to end all hangover meals. Or, you know, just because you want something fried, potato-y and smothered in deliciousness. Billykart’s potato waffle croque madame is next level, and amateur foodies need not apply.

Anouk Café, Paddington

Get your tent ready, it’s time to go camping! OK, not real camping but this camp hash evokes a rustically delicious dish. It’s accompanied with pan-fried kumera, kaiserfleisch (ham made only from the eye of the pork loin), quinoa, spinach and confit garlic, fried egg and toast. We wanna go to camp every day.

Hansell & Gretel Espresso and Breakfast Bar, Gaythorne

You know real true breakfast potato hash, where you just grab all your leftover vegetables and fry it up on the stove and it tastes freaking delicious? Well, that’s what’s up here. Hansell and Gretel’s hash features corn, peas, carrot, potato, zucchini and cheese, alongside bubbling citrus-coated haloumi, smashed pea and mint salsa and a fried egg. Get in our bellies.

Home Store Café, Ashgrove

Sometimes when the simple things in life are done well, they’re better than any fancy dish. Home Store Café does a crispy potato rösti with bacon, poached eggs, raita, caramelised onion and spinach. And it’s cooked to potato perfection.

Merriweather Café, South Brisbane

Brisbane's Best Breakfast Potato Merriweather Cafe Potato Hash

How good does this look? Tell me about it, spud. Image: Merriweather Cafe

This dish features onion that WON’T make you cry… because it’s with potato hash. This crispy potato perfection features caramelised onion, merguez sausage, tomato relish and a poached egg. OK, you may cry from happiness because it’s just that good.

Alcove Café, Wilston

If someone says you can’t have pie for breakfast, tell them to shove it in their pie hole. The Pa’s Pie from Alcove is a cottage pie-style slow-cooked savoury mince topped with creamy mashed potato. Chuck on a side of poached eggs and soft pita (and Tabasco, if you’re game) and you have a brekky fit for a potato-loving king/queen.

King Arthur Café, Fortitude Valley

OK, so we know roast pork belly is TECHNICALLY the “star” of this dish but we’d like to respectfully disagree. Potato is the star of any and every dish it’s on. King Arthur’s sweet potato hash steals the spotlight here and is accompanied by apple and poached eggs. Yum.

Hallowed Grounds Espresso, Mt Gravatt

When we say eggs benedict, we don’t usually think salad but just WAIT until you see what these guys have come up with. Two poached eggs, avocado, and pan-fried Mozart potatoes (the real heroes here) all on a bed of spinach and drizzled with their special herbed hollandaise. It’s available with smoked salmon, prosciutto, or with roast pumpkin for vegetarians.

Rabbit Hole Café & Bar, Seven Hills

Brisbane's Best Breakfast Potato

Look how enormous these potato babies are! Image: Rabbit Hole Cafe Facebook

When you’re really hungry for brekky, you know what you need? Potato hash cakes the size of your fist. Oh yeah, these creamy-on-the-inside, crispy-on-the-outside hash cakes are enormous and enormously delicious. Sure there are sides (bacon, tomato, herbed sour cream) but everything else on the plate disappears in the hash cakes’ enormous mouth-watering shadow.

The Jetty, Bulimba

The name of this place gives just a slight indication that seafood might be a highlight of this menu. You know, along with potato. Here you can get cold smoked rainbow trout alongside your delicious potato herb cake, with a poached egg, sweet dill pickle and crème fraiche. All that AND the great vibes of Oxford Street.

Morning After, West End

There is no better cure for what ails you the morning after than PERFECT POTATO ROSTI. There’s also poached eggs, thyme roasted mushrooms, wild rocket and truffle pecorino on this plate, so it’s pretty much vegetarian breakfast heaven. How do you spell the sound you make when drooling? Yeah, that.

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