Best Sweet Breakfasts in Brisbane

Best Sweet Breakfasts in Brisbane

For your early morning sugar rush, there are a few Brisbane establishments at the ready to fulfill your every desire.

By Guest Styler | 17th March 2015

By Taylare Maddern and Lucy Stephens

If you're going to indulge in comfort food, breakfast is the best meal to do it. Bacon and eggs, avocado on toast, pancakes and ice-cream - there's no end to what constitutes a meal. But, so ensues the age-old internal breakfast struggle - do you go for something savoury or try something sweet? If you’re anything like us, you decide on said sweet or savoury dish, and then spend the rest of the afternoon wondering how your day would have panned out if you’d chosen the other. Oh, the dilemma!

If you do decide to satiate your sweet tooth, here’s a list of best sweet breakfasts in Brisbane that are perfectly acceptable to have in the AM. Enjoy!

Cocobliss: Superfood Bowl

For a quick fix with a good punch of energy to keep you going for the day, try a superfood bowl from Cocobliss. Full of fruit and superfoods like chia, flax, and cacao nibs; you’re sure to have a pumped up morning after one of these (minus the after-sugar slump).

Available in various stores.

Primal Pantry: Potted Muesli

For all lovers of the Paleo diet, Primal Pantry has all the goods. Their potted muesli is 100 percent gluten-free and grain-free with nuts and coconut. This one is specially made with coconut yoghurt and rose-scented apple and strawberry compote to top it off.

Macquarie Street & Florence St, Teneriffe
P 3252 5960

Cowch: Canadienne Breakfast Waffle Bowl

If you simply cannot decide between savoury and sweet, the Canadienne Breakfast Waffle Bowl at Cowch might just be the perfect compromise.  This delightful dish incorporates Canadians’ love of mixing their savoury with sweet, in the form of bacon ice cream topped with maple syrup. It’s pretty good, ‘eh?

2/179 Grey Street, South Brisbane
P 3844 1559

The Burrow: Wookie Waffles – Darth Mulberry

Explore the dark side and get yourself a Darth Mulberry Wookie Waffle from The Burrow. Topped with berry compote, dark chocolate sauce and sweet ricotta, this temptation may never let you come back to the bright side. That’s if you even manage to make it out of your seat!

37 Mollison Street, West End
P 3846 0030

The Balfour Kitchen: Chocolate Brioche French Toast

If this doesn’t satisfy your sweet tooth for breakky, your tooth is practically unsatisfiable. Served with peanut butter parfait, banana, valhrona glaze, and cocoa nibs to top, The Balfour Kitchen's chocolate brioche French toast is not for the faint-hearted. It’s the perfect combo of decadent and delicious (and worth every calorie).

37 Balfour Street, New Farm
P 1300 597 540

Lennons Restaurant and Bar: Buckwheat and Ricotta Hotcakes

If you’re craving a view just at much as your sweet breakky, the Lennons rooftop is the place to go. Perched on top of NEXT Hotel, the poolside eatery serves up fluffy buckwheat and ricotta hotcakes with local figs, hazelnut and oat biscuits, and fresh blueberries. Request a little honey and you’re well on your way to devouring some of the best hotcakes in Bris.

Level 2, 72 Queen Street, Brisbane CBD
P 3222 3232

Plenty: Buttermilk Pancakes

A brand new item on the fresh Autumn menu at Plenty is a short stack of tasty buttermilk pancakes topped with a brown sugar poached pear and cinnamon mascarpone. The perfect accompaniment to an equally spicy chai latte, this dish is one to curl up with as the weather cools down.

284 Montague Road, West End
P 3255 3330

Shady Palms: Hotcake Banana Split

For the true child-at-heart breakfast goer, the Shady Palms hotcake banana split is a dream come true. With the first two components quite self-explanatory, they’re then accompanied by chocolate cherry sauce, candied pecans and ice cream. Make sure you’ve got a full day planned ahead, you’ll need something to keep you occupied at the peak of your sugar high. If you’re craving more fructose than pure sugar, they also offer a blueberry parfait served with honey oat clusters, strawberries and salted caramel sauce. YUM!

427 Logan Road, Greenslopes
P 3324 2917

Ben's Burgers: BB Elvis Burger

Regarded as one of the best burger joints around town, Ben's Burgers serves up this Elvis-inspired chow packed full of banana, peanut butter, bacon and maple syrup – the ultimate ingredients for a sweet breakfast burger. And really, you can’t have breakfast without bacon – even if it is laced with sugar.

Lot 5 4006, Winn Street, The Valley
P 3195 3094

Wild Canary: Coconut Lime Rice Pudding

For a dish that will satisfy your craving just as much as it will take you away to a tropical island, you need to get your hands (and your mouth) on this Wild Canary creation. The pud is served along side fresh mango, puffed grains and seeds – making it a slightly guilt-free version of what could have happened when you wake up craving something sweet…

2371 Moggill Road, Brookfield
P 3378 2805

Kiss The Berry: Snickers Delight Bowl

If you can’t go a day without a gym sesh (or you’re trying to make up for a lack of them) then grab an acai bowl. But not an ordinary one, that’s not going to cut it for a weekend sweet breakfast treat. Get one of the Kiss The Berry snickers delight acai bowls, blended with banana, raw cacao, almond butter and almond milk; then topped with more banana, raspberries, coconut and cacao. It’s sure to stop you from reaching for that real chocolate bar later.

Available in various stores.

Think we’ve missed some? Let us know!


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