We love Australia. We’re blessed with endless beaches, sporting heroes such as the great Sir Donald Bradman, and some of the most glorious weather around. And, although our politicians might be infuriating at times, at least there’s no orange man in a bad toupee threatening to nuke the rest of the world. So, all in all it’s pretty good down under!

If you’re hosting a backyard bash this long weekend or just don’t want to show up to a party empty-handed, we’ve gathered some of our fave recipes to help you celebrate the extra day off work. Easy to assemble, inspired by some classic Australian meals, and delicious when downed with a beer: we guarantee any of these will be a big hit.

1. Throw it back to primary school parties with homemade sausage rolls (or buy the frozen ones from Coles – no one needs to know).

1_Homemade Sausage Rolls

Image: Best Recipes

2. Everyone has their own preferred potato salad recipe (usually passed down from your grandma), but this version from Jamie Oliver is a game-changer, we swear.

2_Potato Salad

Image: Jamie Oliver

3. Throw some shrimps on the barbie with this shrimp skewer recipe.

Image: Awesomecuisine.com

Image: Awesome Cuisine

4. Impress EVERYONE with these delish Tim Tam & Milo truffles.

Image: Loveswah.com

Image: Love Swah

5. What is Australia Day without a cob loaf?! Oh, and more seafood. Obvi.


Image: Best Recipes

6. Not only are these Lamington Biscuits absolutely adorable, but they go down a treat after a sausage sizzle.

Image: Raspberricupcakes.com

Image: Raspberri Cupcakes

7. Because what is Australia Day without a pavlova?! Not a party we want to be a part of, that’s what.


Image: Taste

8. An easy, delish and colourful pasta salad never goes amiss. Especially the kind you can whip up in 15 minutes.

8_Pasta Salad

Image: Gimme Some Oven

9. Grilled pineapple is the best way to eat fruit. Confirmed.

9_Grilled Pineapple

Image: Wine And Glue

10. Still on that grilling train, how about grilled corn on the cob with spicy sriracha aioli? Yes please.

10_Grilled Corn

Image: Minimalist Baker

11. We guarantee you’ll make friends with this salad. Quinoa, mango, avo, feta, grilled corn… That’s a recipe for friendship.

11_Quinoa Avo Corn Salad

Image: Woolworths

12. Level up those Australian vibes with this super cute (and easy – there are only 4 ingredients!) Iced vovo ice-cream sandwich recipe. Drooool.

12_Iced Vovo Iced Cream Sandwich

Image: Taste

13. These cheesy, tear apart vegemite scrolls are an Aussie favourite. One of these bad boys, a blow-up pool and a couple of goldies and you’ll be set.

Image: Bakeplaysmile.com

Image: Bake Play Smile.

14. Let Buzzfeed’s Zooper Dooper Stupor (and a bunch of other slightly distressing but monstrously delicious shots) totally mess you up.

14_Zooper Dooper Stupor

Image: Buzzfeed

15. Okay, not really a recipe, but a block of XXXX Gold tinnies. Because you can’t spell “Australia Day” without XXXX.

Image: Danmurphys.com

Image: Dan Murphys

Image: Lenzo

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