Adriano Zumbo makes all of Brisbane’s Christmas wishes come true

Adriano Zumbo makes all of Brisbane’s Christmas wishes come true

This is not a drill, people! Adriano Zumbo is bringing his sweet treats to Brisbane this Christmas!

By Brittney Degura and Candice Jackson | 17th December 2015

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year. We’re not talking about Christmas. I mean sure, we love Christmas but we love Adriano Zumbo’s delicious treats even more!

For years, Sydney and Melbourne have basked in the brilliant glow of the Zumbo brand. But for Brisbane, the times, they are a-changin’ because this Christmas all our wishes have come true. It’s the River City's time to shine and, most importantly, time to snack on the best that Zumbo Patissier has to offer.

If you have no idea who or what we’re talking about (gasp!), you might remember Adriano Zumbo from his appearance on  MasterChef Australia. He was the pastry wizard who challenged the contestants to create the dreaded (but delicious) CROQUEMBOUCHE.

OPT-adriano_masterchef-1Image: Channel 10, Masterchef Season 1

We spoke to Adriano Zumbo ahead of his arrival in Brisbane for the South Bank Christmas Markets to get a bit of insight into the man behind the sweet treats. He says that one episode on the national show really expanded his business, suddenly exposing people to the Zumbo brand and his products (the croquembouche and macarons in particular).

Zumbo’s love for creating pastries and sweets began at a young age, when he used to steal packet cake mixes off the shelf of his parents’ supermarket store, whip them up and sell the cakes at school! Zumbo went on to create an empire of treats and now describes his style as “casual, bright and a little bit quirky”.

“We always get a lot of requests to bring the Zumbo products up to Brisbane. Queenslanders seem to like the classics, which is why we are bringing our Zumbarons, Brownies, Zonuts – and, of course, plenty of Christmas treats.

“The most popular Zumbaron flavours at the moment are Salted Butter Popcorn, Salted Caramel on Toast and Malted Milkshake. And the big seller? I’m thinking the Golden Gaytime Verrine – people love those nostalgic flavour combinations!”

Adriano admits he’s a sucker for the classics too, especially old-school ice-creams like the Golden Gaytime, and he honestly can’t think of a single sweet he doesn’t like or wouldn’t try.

And if you’re wondering (because we were) what flavour Zumbaron Adriano Zumbo would be, he told us: “Our Ultimate Brownie flavour, a little bit dark… a little bit nutty!”

Christmas treats available at the Zumbo patisserie stall at South Bank Christmas Markets.Christmas treats available at the Zumbo stall at South Bank Christmas Markets.

And now, thanks to eat South Bank, you can get up close with the nutty, sweet professor at the opening of the Zumbo Patisserie stall on Thursday, December 17 between 11am and 2pm.

The stall will operate at the South Bank Christmas Markets until Wednesday, December 23. It will be open from 11am to 9pm for the first five days and 11am to 8pm on December 22 to 23, so you can stock up on as many treats you can carry.

The Zumbo stall will be bringing their drool-worthy range of Zumbarons (that’s Zumbo Macarons for the rookies), tarts, verrines, Christmas puddings, fruit mince pies, brownies and more. Plus, Adriano tells us they’re definitely looking into a Queensland location – eek!

If we lose our heads entirely, Zumbo may never come back and any Brisbanite will tell you that we NEED him. So everyone STAY CALM and appreciate the life-changing experience that will satisfy foodies from all walks of life.

Zumbo at South Bank Christmas Markets

Location: Stanley Street Plaza, South Bank Parklands

Dates: Thursday, December 17 to Wednesday, December 23

Opening Hours: Thursday to Monday 11am to 9pm & Tuesday to Wednesday 11am to 8pm


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Article by Brittney Degura and Candice Jackson

This story has been written by a Guest Styler for Style


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