5 simple ways to use nectarines

5 simple ways to use nectarines

Got some nectarines in the fridge? Alana Lowes shares five simple ways to mix it up with nectarines.

By Alana Lowes | 12th February 2014

By Alana Lowes.

I love nothing more than indulging in stone fruit during the warmer months and at the moment nectarines are absolutely flourishing, packed full of sweet juicy flavour, but get in quick before the season is over.

If your nectarines are still rock hard, leave them out of the fridge to ripen over a couple of days.  If the temperature is particularly warm, the ripening process will happen much more quickly.  To slow the ripening process, pop them into a plastic bag and into the fridge.  Once they are ripened they should keep in the fridge for 3-5 days.

Here are my 5 simple way to use nectarines:

1.    My brekkie cup recipe  is really simple and you can prepare most of it the night before if you are catering for a brunch – add the fresh fruit just before serving.  The contrasting colours of the deep indigo hues of the blueberries against the vibrant reds and yellows of the nectarine make this dish a real crowd favourite - it’s super healthy as well.

2.    If you are after more of a savoury hit, a salad of fleshy nectarine segments and crispy prosciutto with crumble fetta is absolutely divine.

3.    Feeling a little naughty?  Heat up a mixture of Grand Marnier, honey and lemon juice and pour the warm syrup over nectarine pieces.  Allow to marinate for 30 mins and then serve with creamy vanilla bean ice-cream.

4.    Trying to keep it healthy? Add 1 nectarine to add a little sweetener to your trendy green smoothie.

5.    When the 3pm slump hits, I love to toast sourdough and spread fresh ricotta over it and then thickly slice nectarines over the top.  It’s healthy and filling and will carry you through to dinner time without you reaching for the Tim Tams!


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Article by Alana Lowes

Alana Lowes is of MasterChef pedigree, a celebrity cook, has travelled the world co-hosting the television show ‘A Taste of Travel' on Channel Ten and loves to write here, there and everywhere about food and travel.


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