5 reasons 5 Boroughs is not “just another burger joint”

5 reasons 5 Boroughs is not “just another burger joint”

Candice Jackson speaks to Todd Clayton, co-owner of 5 Boroughs in Stones Corner, the new New York inspired venue that is “more than just another burger joint.”

By Candice Jackson | 1st April 2015

New York cuisine; it may be much more than hotdogs and burgers, but to many Brisbane-ites, that’s what naturally comes to mind with Brisbane’s latest take on American food.

When a media release came across my desk mentioning ‘new New York inspired venue’ and ‘not just another burger joint’ in the same sentence, I was a bit thrown… Was this a trick? But it wasn’t!

You’ll enter a New York state of mind at Stones Corner’s newest street-food bar 5 Boroughs, which incorporates the cuisines of all five New York boroughs (small communities) - Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens and The Bronx.

Owners of the NY-inspired licenced burger and street food joint, Marisa and Todd Clayton, are providing diners with a blend of the best of New York’s extensive cultural cuisine, including everything from sliders and sandwiches, mouth-watering burgers, tacos, pork baby back ribs, steamed bao buns and more - all in a unique venue everyone will love.

The duo have a long and varied background in regards to food, and have been across corporate food, casual dining and independent outlets. But Todd says they’ve wanted to launch this New York-inspired concept in food for more than 20 years.

“It is what it is, we’re not just another burger joint. We’d like to bring something else to the (Brisbane) table.

“Brisbane have really engaged with hand food; it’s clean, it’s wholesome, it’s reasonably priced and it’s given the chance for chefs to get out of the fine dining scene and in to the kitchen to do something fun,” he says.

So here are 5 reasons 5 Boroughs is not “just another burger joint”:

1.    Cultural cuisines

5 Boroughs prides itself on being not your typical NY hotdogs, burgers, bagels and brioche buns type of venue – actually hotdogs have disappeared from this NY-inspired venue’s menu entirely. Todd says for those who don’t want a burger, but want to find out what else NY has to offer, the venue will introduce diners to New York’s best street fare and cultural food. For example, fish tacos, steamed bao buns, chicken karaage wings, beef empanadas, rueben and cuban sandwiches and pork baby back ribs.

2.    Fresh, daily

While Todd says they haven’t gone with a typical New York burger recipe, the way they make their burgers is very American. “It’s flat plate, not charred, and the meat-to-fat ratio compilation in our burgers is different to what everyone else is doing at the moment in Brisbane.” He mentions the meat is fresh and made on site every day - not frozen. “They’re big on taste and small enough to eat comfortably at the same time. You won’t walk away going ‘Ah, I need a sleep’, and you can have a session with it, a couple of beers and a burger, rather than just a big fatty and messy burger,” Todd says.

3.    Cheers

As 5 Boroughs is a licenced bar, you can easily have a few drinks with your meal of choice. Their wide variety includes refreshing ciders, classic NY cocktails or craft beers, including imported Brooklyn Lager; a fruity lager, not available in a lot of Brisbane bars. However, if you’re after a fruity kick, without the alcoholic punch, the bottomless all day Iced Tea is delicious!

4.    Borough location in the ‘burbs

As boroughs are urban communities, Todd and Marisa chose to open 5 Boroughs in a village type atmosphere, meeting travellers who would generally venture to the City or Valley in the middle. Todd says the area of Stones Corner is emerging in Brisbane and the 5 Boroughs location is situated on a funky and eclectic street, mentioning it was really a no brainer for them!

5.    Good vibes

“What’s going to set us apart is the experience; it’s the music, it’s the feel, it’s the customer base, it’s the staff. Anyone can make a Cuban sandwich, anybody can use good meat or serve craft beer, but the experience is most important!” Todd says.

Todd says they make their own playlist, being inspired by established artists and new indie artists before they get their mainstream break; think Arctic Monkeys, Chet Faker, Circa Waves and The Neighbourhood.

And the toughest question of all… What are the #musttry menu items?

Todd says…..
...And by far the most famous burger we have on the menu-

5 Boroughs
Sunday to Thursday 10am to 10pm
Friday and Saturday 10am til late


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Article by Candice Jackson

Candice Jackson is a former Journalist of Style Magazines. She has an uncontrollable sweet tooth, an irrational fear of birds and a love of travel. Candice believes in the Yes Man Philosophy.


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