20 Drool-Worthy Brisbane Nutella Dishes

20 Drool-Worthy Brisbane Nutella Dishes

Because who doesn’t love Nutella??!

By Candice Jackson | 14th October 2015

Image: Denim Co

Who ever said "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" obviously hadn’t tried Nutella. Because if they had, they’d know Nutella is the sugary, chocolatey, gooey goodness sent from the foodie heavens for us to devour in ever-unfathomable quantities. We all know you’ve had it by the spoonful, don’t lie.

But when you tire of the spread on your morning toast, or god forbid run out of the contents in your sacred jar, we have 20 Brisbane Nutella dishes sure to fill a Nutella-shaped hole in your heart (and stomach). Mmmmm Nutella.

1 Denim Co, South Bank

Nutella need not look good to taste good, but this dish has really outdone itself in both elements. Better yet, the golden waffles with warm Nutella, caramel popcorn and vanilla ice cream at Denim Co is available until 3pm seven days a week.


2 Ben’s Burgers, Fortitude Valley

Most people wouldn’t know (or, let's be honest are never up early enough) to head to Ben’s Burgers for breakfast, but alas those fools would be missing out. Ben's have a brioche bun with Nutella. It’s like Nutella on toast, but next-level. Not that we don't love regular Nutella on toast. But NEXT LEVEL.


3 Corbett and Claude, Brisbane CBD

Have pizza for dinner, followed by pizza for dessert with Corbett & Claude’s Nutella, hazelnut and strawberry pizza. Because you can never have enough pizza. Or Nutella.


4 Zeus Street Greek, South Bank

Image: Zeus Street Geek

Image: Zeus Street Geek

Just like Nutella, we can’t stop gorging on honey puffs when they’re put in front of us. So, it’s a no brainer we had to include Zeus Street Greek’s Nutella drizzled honey puffs with crushed walnuts.


5 Le Bubbles, Fortitude Valley

While Le Bubbles is known for its signature Steak Frites, we still highly recommend their desserts, including the crepes with Nutella and vanilla bean ice cream. Delish!


6 Communal CBD, Brisbane CBD

Nutella only gets better with the addition of more sweet treats, so Communal CBD’s Nutella and banana pizza with toasted marshmallows and caramel sounds like heaven on dough. Sharing is recommended, but we reckon’ we could do it solo.


7 Doughnut Time, Everywhere

Image: Doughnut Time

Image: Doughnut Time

Aptly named “love at first bite” this over-indulgent Nutella-filled doughnut with cinnamon sugar dusting from Doughnut Time is worth every damn calorie.


8 Harajuku Gyoza, Everywhere

Dessert gyoza anyone? Yep, it’s a thing, and it comes in a delicious bite-sized Nutella flavour. Harajuku Gyoza offers Nutella, banana gyozas with ice cream on the side.


9 Nitrogenie, South Bank

Image: Nitrogenie

Image: Nitrogenie

What’s cooler than being cool? Ice cold… or frozen using liquid nitrogen. Nitrogenie uses the magic of liquid nitrogen to create ice cream in front of your very eyes. The Nutella Cornucopia flavour is made from Nutella goodness and sprinkles of hazelnuts. Don’t want it in a cup or cone? Try it as a Nitroshake instead.


10 Chocolate Komberry Co, Everywhere

If you’re keen to stuff as much Nutella into one sitting as possible, the Frankenstein food creation going by the name “Cruffin” is your best option. What is a Cruffin? It’s a half croissant, half muffin, syrup filled and syringe stuffed with Nutella!


11 Chester Street Bakery, Newstead

Image: Chester Street Bakery

Image: Chester Street Bakery

Personally, I’m sad that the single-serve Nutella cheesecake dessert is no longer on the menu, but I am extremely happy with their alternative. Drum roll please…. Their new drool-worthy Nutella dish is a Nutella Pavlova with Nutella and espresso cream with chocolate rice crisps.


12 Il Posto, Paddington

Italians know how to make sweet, sweet pizza, but this one isn’t the typical flat-based share kind, it’s a calzone (Italian frilled oven pizza) al cioccolato, made with Nutella calzoncino with vanilla bean ice cream.


13 Puk Espresso, Kangaroo Point

Image: Puk Espresso

Image: Puk Espresso

If you like to be in charge of the amount of Nutella you dribble or dollop on your breakfast, Puk Espresso offers a brioche bread stack topped with banana and berries, honeycomb and hazelnut crumble with a quenelle of Nutella, so you can choose the amount you desire. This meal is also served with a Nutella rim latte.


14 The Crepe Café, Everywhere

Take the ice cream sandwich to the next level with a choc waffle sandwich with Nutella and Ice cream at The Crepe Café.


15 Paddington Deli, Paddington

Image: Paddington Deli

Image: Paddington Deli

And in the wise words of Donkey (Shrek) “And in the morning, I’m making waffles!” Except, we WON'T be making them, we’ll be ordering them and Paddington Deli, because their toasted waffles with vanilla bean ice cream, drizzled with Nutella sounds a lot better than homemade, possibly burnt, toaster waffles.


16 Bar Pacino, Brisbane CBD

You may want to sit down for this one, because the gooey dreams of childhood have now become an adult must-try as Nutella shots. Who’s getting the first round?


17 Cowch, South Bank

Cowch Nutella Pizza. Image: Instagram @bashapreublic

Cowch Nutella Pizza. Image: Instagram @bashapreublic

Ths one is udder-ley irresistible. Head to Cowch to trial their “Nutellos” pizza, with a Nutella base and banana, hazelnut and salted-caramel toppings.


Honourable mentions to dishes trying really hard to be Nutella, but unfortunately aren’t (but still taste good):

18 Bar Alto, New Farm

Oh, how we love the Italians for creating this sweet dish! While they don’t use Nutella, Bar Alto’s chocolate budino with hazelnut ice cream has all the delicious elements you desire.


19 Miss Bliss Whole Foods, West End

Miss Bliss Whole Foods Kitchen

Image: Miss Bliss Whole Foods Kitchen

Not So Nutella Bliss Bowl: Acai Berries, Cacao, Banana, Almond Milk, Choc Bukinis, Hazelnuts. Probably the most guilt-free “Not-ella” dish around.


20 Shady Palms, Greenslopes

While it’s not quite Nutella in it's purest, gooey form, nor a dish, really, this housemade Nutella chocolate milkshake is sure to bring all the boys and gals to the yard.



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Article by Candice Jackson

Candice Jackson is a former Journalist of Style Magazines. She has an uncontrollable sweet tooth, an irrational fear of birds and a love of travel. Candice believes in the Yes Man Philosophy.


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