10 Aussie Dessert Instagrams to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

10 Aussie Dessert Instagrams to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

What’cha gon’, what’cha gon’ do with that dessert? Eat it.

By Amber Lowther | 18th May 2016

Anyone who’s totally obsessed with Instagram will usually check their feed as soon as they wake in the morning. We’ve put together the 10 BEST Aussie dessert Instagrams to make your feed that little bit sweeter. Because you’re worth it. You can thank us with anything from the list below.

No, seriously.

Sugar High Desserts

17-year-old Jonathan is a self-taught baker who creates insanely beautiful and decadent desserts for his business,

Sugar High Desserts. From doughnut-inspired cakes to Redskin fudge pops, these dishes are truly out of this world! You can’t blame Jonathan’s 60,000 followers for being enchanted by his creations!

Nectar and Stone

Caroline Khoo is a dessert designer, artist and photographer with an Insta full of all thinks pink and delicious. If you’re a sucker for a pretty feed or just pretty things in general, you ned Nectar and Stone in your life. You won’t regret it. If you do, we can’t be friends.


If you’re a sucker for fairy floss (like me!), you can’t go past Nathan’s feed. Remember how Mum said fairy floss was bad for you? Ignore her. That is totally irrelevant right now. Nathan combines fairy floss with doughnuts, makes CUSTOM flavours and ships around Australia - could this be any more tempting?! *orders every single flavour*

Katherine Sabbath

Katherine is a teacher, home baker and dessert creative whose Insta has more than 290,000 followers - she’s definitely doing something right! Her feed is filled with insane cake creations that make me a little jealous because I can barely bake a cake without burning it. She even baked cupcakes that had chocolate and candy bacon, eggs and toast on top! Is this real life? #SOS

Sweet Table Australia

Aussies love a good bickie. There’s no doubt about that. So when I came across this feed, I just had to follow. These biscuits are so detailed it would be almost a crime to bite into them! I can’t get over these designs - watermelons, sushi, soccer balls, notebooks. There’s just too much to choose from!

Petite Desserts

Fatimah from Sydney is behind this dessert Instagram full of sweet and tempting desserts. I’m talkin’ semi-naked cupcakes and the best dessert cups I’ve ever laid eyes on. Her feed is full of florals, pink and beautiful event styling that I can’t even deal with. Excuse me while I face-plant the fig dessert cup.

Strawberries & Co.

The name says it all - this is a STRAWBERRY-filled Instagram. REPEAT: STRAWBERRIES. In all their glory. If you can’t go past one, two or 50 strawberries dipped in chocolate, you need to follow Strawberries & Co. They make the most beautiful strawberry towers in the history of ever! Not only that, but they combine them with beautiful roses. Flowers and strawberry desserts? What more could a girl want?

Nude Sisters

If you live on the Gold Coast, you’re in luck! The vegan desserts from Nude Sisters are the perfect treat for those who live a healthy lifestyle but still have a sweet tooth. Their raw cheesecakes look so damn good and their Bounty slice is making me want to take a trip to the coast just to try it! Reward yourself and go check out Nude Sisters. Meet ya there!

Dessert Parlour

Known for their semi-naked cakes, desserts and doughnuts, Dessert Parlour will give you some intense cravings! While their cakes are beyond fabulous, we NEED to discuss the doughnuts. They are super creative and are giving me life with their flavours - matcha, Oreo, passion fruit meringue. Need I say more?

Rosie’s Dessert Spot

If you have a thing for cakes (who doesn’t?) then you need to check out Rosie’s feed  for all things #cakeinspo. She has a YouTube channel and shares some on Insta for your viewing glory. I’m not going to lie, I spent way too much time watching these. Sorry not sorry. She has more than 158,000 subscribers on YouTube and 169,000 on Insta, which is a sure sign that she’s killing it.

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Feature Image: Nectar and Stone

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Article by Amber Lowther

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