Food Challenges You Need to Try Before You Die

Meat your match.

By Elena Barton | 19th January 2017

Yeah, yeah, gluttony is a sin and all that. But sometimes you just have to push your luck and your limits – especially when the food tastes this good. Whether you want to give a burger a blast or tackle your body weight in wings, we’ve found the food challenges for you.

So are you a glutton or just a glutton for punishment?

Jack’s Challenge (Outback Jacks Bar & Grill) | Various Locations

A photo posted by OutbackJacks (@outbackjacks) on Oct 20, 2015 at 9:43pm PDT

If you manage to inhale the 1kg rump steak plus wedges and veggies in half an hour, it’s free. AND you score a prize!

The World’s Hottest Burger Challenge (Off The Wall Diner) | Wellington Point

When you have to wear gloves to tackle your lunch, and sign a waiver regarding your age and medical conditions, you know you’re in trouble. Off the Wall Diner’s world’s hottest burger challenge is DEFINITELY not for the faint-hearted. Made from a blend of Carolina Reaper chilies and Mexican chili powder, it’s sure to blow your mind. No liquid can be consumed while eating the burger, or once finished. Hot tip: order the Mega Death Recovery Kit, complete with yoghurt, to put out the fire when you’re done.

Mammoth Challenge (Woolly Mammoth) | Fortitude Valley

Think you’ve got what it takes to down 1kg Black Onyx T-bone plus sides in 30 minutes? This one is for the whole crew – nominate three mates and if any one of them manages it, your T-bone is free!

Schnitzelmeister Challenge (Bavarian Bier Café) | Brisbane

A photo posted by The Bavarian (@thebavarianau) on Nov 25, 2016 at 5:30pm PST

Aussies love a good schnitty but this is ridiculous! You have just one hour to demolish 1kg of crispy crumbed veal schnitzel PLUS four sides. If you manage to get it all down the meal is on the house, and you’ll receive a t-shirt and a place in the hall of fame.

Vlad the Inflamer Challenge (Wingblaster) | Clayfield

When the owner of WingBlaster advises you to take the day off work after you complete the challenge, take them seriously. It seems simple enough: all you need to do is eat six ghost chili wings in six minutes, then wait six minutes to experience the after-burn with no other liquids or foods to soften the blow.

Yardbird Death Sentence Wing Challenge (Yardbird Ale House) | Fortitude Valley

A photo posted by Justin Carlaw (@jcforfree) on May 6, 2014 at 2:56am PDT

Run as a quarterly event, the Yardbird Death Sentence Wing Challenge packs more than a punch. The challengers must down as many chicken wings coated in ghost chili sauce as possible in 12 minutes. To even qualify you must prove you can eat 12 of the tastebud-torturing poultry cuts. The record currently stands at 39. Are you going to be the one who breaks it?

Patty Challenge (Ze Pickle) | Fortitude Valley

A photo posted by Ze Pickle (@zepickle) on Jul 14, 2015 at 2:20am PDT

Feel like tackling a tower of beef? The goal is to beat the previous patty record, which is currently sitting at a whopping 15 patties. Prepare yourself for the meat sweats.

Big Kay’s Challenge (Miss Kay’s) | Brisbane

With five meat patties and five slices of cheese, plus lettuce, tomato and Miss Kay’s sauce, this meat monstrosity was created for this challenge. If you can finish the Big Kay’s burger and side of dirty fries in 15 minutes you are crowned burger champion and receive a $30 voucher.

Ribs & Rumps Challenge | Fortitude Valley

Be a champ, not a chump, as the website states. Chow down on a rack of barbecue ribs plus a 1kg rump steak and chips. If you manage to smash it out in under an hour you win a jumbo steak knife and have your name added to the honour roll.

Pho Superbowl Challenge (My Pho Bar) | Jindalee

This challenge is sure to test you, with serious eaters tackling 800g of pho, 800g of toppings and a whopping three litres of beef soup. Finish it in 60 minutes and you will score a full refund.

Ramen Champion Challenge | Sunnybank

The equivalent of FIVE regular ramen servings needs to be polished off (broth and all) in 25 minutes, making it one of the toughest meals to down in town.

Slice Pizza Challenge | West End

Get a pizza this – or 36! If you can manage to eat 36 slices of pizza with your choice of topping in 30 minutes you get the lot for free, plus your name on the wall and a $50 voucher for next time! Put on your stretchiest pants and embrace the carb loading.

Birdees Bunk Buster Burger Challenge | Fortitude Valley

Have you got what it takes to smash this 1kg burger plus chips and a beer? Containing three big beef patties, grilled capsicum, jalapenos, Spanish onion, cheese, lettuce and aioli, it’s served with beer-battered chips and a schooner of beer or soft drink. And if you get all that in your belly in 10 minutes they promise to reward you “handsomely”.

Bayside Kebab Challenge | Clontarf

Love a kebab? Then chow down on this half-metre monster! If you can beat the current record of five minutes and 53 seconds you win $100. Miss the record but demolish the kebab in under eight minutes and you get it for free!

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