Zara finally opens in Brisbane

Zara finally opens in Brisbane

The Spanish superstore is opening its Brisbane doors and we couldn’t be more excited! Here’s how to shop the opening without losing an arm.

By Brittney Deguara | 19th November 2015

For all those Brisbane fashionistas who’ve been patiently waiting for this fashion mecca to open, the wait is finally over! The anticipation surrounding Zara’s Brisbane landing has been sending the fashion world into frenzy.

Brisbanites are a patient bunch; for years we have been waiting patiently to see the big Z-A-R-A letters sprawled across the Queen Street Mall. Well finally that day has come. The Spanish mega fashion giant will occupy four floors in the Queen Street Mall, all be filled to bursting with their signature range of mens, womens and kids clothing as well as their coveted homewares.

One of the reasons the fashion-savvy go so bonkers for this brand is its ability to mass produce runway look at off-the-rack ready-to-wear prices. Some in the know even say Zara can get a new product from conception into the stores in just one week. Apparently they launch about 12,000 designs a year on average, which is one heck of a big wardrobe from which to choose your ideal seasonal look.

Doors are set to open at 9am (with a special invite-only media preview from 8am) but we predict fashionistas will be banging the door down long before then.

Before you join the queue with your sleeping bag, running shoes and cash card, take a look through our top tips for shopping the sale and getting your purchases with your dignity intact.


As much as you might find this amusing, you won’t be the one laughing when you get trampled the swarming crowd. If you see someone next to you pick up the pace, then mimic their stride. If things start getting mental, though, you might want to slow it down. After all, you don't want to be the one STARTING the stampede. Shop responsibly, people!


Go into the store with a vast idea of what you want to grab. If you’re going there just for a browse, we suggest you wait a week or two, as the novelty would have worn off by then, dispersing the heavy crowds. But if you’re a girl or guy on a mission, then do your research.


No we don't mean get frocked up in fancy gear to shop, dahling; we mean make sure you’re wearing comfortable attire suitable to the heat (thanks Brisbane heatwave) and easy to get in and out of if you like trying things on and don't want to wait for a change room.


Yes it's FASHION. But at the same time, it's fashion. Do your darndest to get the piece you want but if you see the last one in your size in someone else's hands, tough. You're better than starting a b#@ch fight in the middle of the mall. Besides, they make 12,000 things a year. Surely you'll find something else you love in a few weeks time. But if they're not looking and you can get away with it, totally snatch that jumpsuit and RUN.

What: Zara grand opening
Where: 155 Queen St Mall, Brisbane CBD
When: November 20 at 9am


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Article by Brittney Deguara

This story has been written by a Guest Styler for Style


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