Prepare… Winter sales are coming!

Prepare… Winter sales are coming!

A Broke Girl's Blog blogger Prue Richardson spoke to Candice Jackson on how to successfully navigate the sales…

By Candice Jackson | 28th May 2014

Budgeting queen Prue Richardson from A Broke Girl’s Blog dishes on winter/ mid-year sales and what we should be doing to make the most of those slashed red-ticketed items.

What are your thoughts on the mid-year winter sales?

They are definitely a blessing... and a curse. Sales are obviously a great way to snag a bargain and maybe buy something you wouldn't usually be able to afford, but then there's the dark side when the rush of that red pen slashed price tag and those overflowing sale racks get the better of you and you end up leaving with a whole lot of cr*p you didn't need!

Where can we go to grab a bargain?

For me sales are all about taking advantage of designer wear. As I always try to dress on a budget, designer brands are usually off my shopping list... that is, until sale time dawns upon us! I love to head into Australian designer stores like Sass & Bide and Zimmermann. Don't get me wrong, I usually can't afford half of the sale racks there, but it's definitely the ultimate way to score designer items at a fraction of the price! Then there are my go-to sale stops like David Jones (definitely my favourite), Witchery, Seed and ZU Shoes - And you can't forget all the stores at DFO!

What essentials or investment pieces should we aim for?

You really want to be looking for classic staples opposed to a current trend piece. A lot of the sale racks will be made up with previous or current season prints and styles, which is great, but if you stock up on these you will end up wearing them once or twice before they gather dust at the back of your wardrobe! Simple but classic cuts, styles and colours are what you're looking for. So you'll want to get in early to get your hands on those goods! You should also nab yourself a couple of statement items - It's not a sale if you don't come out with at least one ridiculous item! Whether it's a bright frock or a gleaming blingy necklace, these are usually the most expensive things, so you definitely want to try and score yourself one or two over-the-top items!

What are your 3 tips to successfully navigate the sales?

1. Know the stores you want to visit and plan. Sounds silly right? I think we should actually take the time to sit down and write up a plan...? But you will be thanking me later! Sales are always crazy and you want to be in your favourite stores front and centre and get those beautiful black boots you've been eyeing off before any other determined woman does! If you jot down the stores you want to visit (such as your top five), then you will cut out the time spent deciding where to go next or pointless browsing in stores you're not really interested in.

2. Know what you're looking for. More work I know! But now that you know what stores you are visiting, know what you are looking for! Jump on their site and see what they have in store and have a proper idea of what you want to come out with from the sales. This means you can beat the rush and head straight to the items you want! You've already done the browsing, so on sale days you can jump straight in and nab it before anyone else even knows it's there.

3. Set a budget: This will stop you from overspending and stop you from window shopping. Sale time can get the better of us... and our wallets, so setting yourself a strict budget is the way to go. This is also a good idea as it will stop you from browsing through stores and items that don't suit your allocated budget.

What's the best item you've ever bought in a mid-year sale?

A pair of Tony Bianco black leather boots from David Jones at Queens Plaza. I am a self-confessed boot addict, so these babies were a steal and a great addition to my collection. They were versatile and a staple black boot, so they were really the ultimate win coming out of that sale!


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Article by Candice Jackson

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