What's the Brisbane look?

What's the Brisbane look?

Style fashion contributor, Kellie Alderman, spoke to documentary filmmaker, Hailey Bartholomew, whose new film, Uncovering The Brisbane Look, debuts next week. The film aims to uncover what Brisbane style is all about by talking to 20 Brisbane fashion industry identities, including Kellie, about what fashion means to Brisbane.

By Kellie Alderman | 20th February 2014

1.    What was it that attracted you to the Uncovering The Brisbane Look documentary?

Most of the funding came from QueensPlaza and I was worried it was going to be a fake documentary or an infomercial but when I met with them they were just so wanting it to be an inspirational piece about what was going on in fashion in Brisbane and I just really loved that idea. They were incredibly hands-off. I’m excited to share the film with everybody. It was such a love project.

2.    How has it differed from the other film projects you have worked on?

I’ve never done fashion specifically before, it blew my pre-conceived ideas away. I love making films that warm the soul and make people feel inspired and this film does that so it’s still within my genre.

3.    What have you uncovered about The Brisbane Look?

I don’t want to spoil it for people before they see it – but I think the attitude that plays through what we are wearing but also in how we respond to fashion. We are relaxed but also passionate. We care about fashion but we are not precious about it.

4.    What is your favorite moment from the film?

Lydia Pearson from Easton Pearson, she was talking about the opening night of the Easton Pearson retrospective exhibition at GOMA in 2009 and she said - “I felt like such a fake” – it was such a humble and real thing to say – I always feel like just giving her a hug even though I don’t really know her that well – whenever she comes onto the screen it always makes me smile.

5.    What surprised you most about the final result?

How everyone’s answers played in together – so many people saying positive things around the same concepts, not just about what we wear in Brisbane but the attitude of the people behind the industry is so positive and I wasn’t expecting that kind of resoundingly positive response – it makes a great film.

6.    Has it changed your perceptions of Brisbane?

Definitely – when I tell my friends I’m doing a doco on fashion in Brisbane they joke ‘is it two minutes long’ – the doco started out as being 15 minutes and it ended up being 30. It’s so inspiring what’s happening in Brisbane and now I know about all these amazing designers.

7.    What was it like working with Kirstie Clements?

I think I had Anna Wintour in mind and I was a little bit scared before I met her, I thought ‘will she try to control everything and be a pain?’ but she was so inspiring, so lovely to work with, I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with her and getting to know her – she is an incredibly down-to-earth, hard-working woman.

8.    Where will people be able to see the film?

QueensPlaza will be screening it in the centre next month and there are a few other things in the works too but I can’t say too much yet.


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Article by Kellie Alderman

Kellie Alderman has written about matters of fashion and beauty for more than 20 years as a former fashion and beauty editor for News Ltd. She is a panel member of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane, has hosted fashion workshops with Miranda Kerr and Nicole Trunfio and is often called upon by radio and television media as a style commentator. She has worked with companies such as David Jones, Triumph Lingerie, Maserati and Aria Restaurant, hosting and styling fashion events. Kellie is Style Magazine’s resident beauty expert, with a fabulous beauty column, The Beauty Style-List, appearing in our magazine every month. This year she launched her blog, kelliealderman.com, covering all the fashion and beauty happenings in Brisbane.


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