UNBRIDALED DRESSING - What to wear as a wedding guest

UNBRIDALED DRESSING - What to wear as a wedding guest

Here comes the bride? More like here comes dress shopping time! Smooche Boutique’s Gayle Broad gives some sage styling advice for what to wear as a wedding guest.

By Featured Posts | 1st April 2014

Weddings are so much fun, there’s no denying that. But for many women – whether they be bride, mother of the bride, or guest – a wedding also means there is the opportunity to go dress shopping. I know, it’s a hard life, right?

I don’t know about you, but I look upon weddings as an opportunity to splash out with a new dress or work an old dress in a fabulous new way, with the help of accessories of course.

Where to start, you ask? First things first, know the venue and the style of the wedding, because that will determine the overall look for the day and therefore your outfit choice.

If it’s going to be a lavish affair where you’re envisioning all-white pressed linen, sky-high heels, and all the trimmings, then it’s safe to say a long formal dress will be a happy choice for the day. Team a long dress with complimentary heels that match the accents on your dress for extra glam.

From left: black lace clutch, taupe and black long formal dress and black peep toe high heel shoes, all from Smooche Boutique.

Accented accessories compliment a formal gown. Throw on your best pair of matching heels for extra glam.

If the colours you’re working with are soft and muted (a hugely on-trend palette especially right now) and you’d like to match accordingly, then try basic neutrals in champagne, beige or cream. Not only will you look sophisticated, you will blend nicely with the wedding party come photo time.

Whether it is a garden, church, or beach wedding, the venue will, to some degree, dictate the style of dress to wear on the day. A beach wedding will usually allow a slightly more relaxed feel where floaty, pretty dresses in soft fabrics are well at home. A garden wedding may call for wedges to ensure you don’t sink into the grass during the exchange of vows! As for church weddings, these allow for a more demure and ethereal look, which may also go hand in hand with a formal look.

From left: a floaty light blue long dress in a kaftan style, embellished drop earrings with blue and red beads and ornate lattice-style metalwork, and a light brown wedge shoe with cut-out heart patterns and silver studs - from Smooche Boutique

A beach wedding allows for more floaty attire and accessories, so take advantage of the opportunity and incorporate a gentle pop of colour to match the mood.

As in all cases, if you want to look the part, pay attention to the bride and groom, their style, the venue, and the overall theme or styling of the wedding. Most of all, invest in a pair of comfortable heels that you can dance the night away in!




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