Your Go-To Guide For Dressing All Year-Round

Your Go-To Guide For Dressing All Year-Round

Four seasons, unlimited outfits.

By Guest Styler | 16th July 2019

As the seasons change it doesn’t mean your wardrobe essentials need a switch-up too. Not only is it expensive, but the seasonal wardrobe hauls can be exhausting, right? After all, didn’t we just ‘Marie Kondo’ our lives? Less is more. As we are in the full swing of a Brisbane winter we are often forced to reach for some summer basics for the warmer days, which leads me to my next conundrum: how do I make room for all-season outfits? I’ve got the key, just like DJ Khaled – create a transeasonal wardrobe by following four simple rules. Then, as the trends come and go, add a few fun pieces and you’ll be looking good on all fronts. Read on friends, and trust us.


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Back to basics

As much as a good shopping splurge can be soothing to the soul, a wardrobe full of fast fashion will only get you so far. The key to transeasonal dressing is sticking to timeless staples. This way, you can build an ensemble straight from your wardrobe from the ground up. Think of it as Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Foundation. We’re talking white tee’s, quality singlets for layering, flattering jeans and a great statement handbag. But, opt for high quality to see you through and then polish off your basics with statement accessories or easy seasonal trends.


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Keep it neutral

Transitioning your wardrobe into the new season also means a new colour palette. Incorporating low cost items in pops of the season’s hues can be a great way to add a touch of personality to your outfit. But our advice: stick to neutral colours like greys, whites and blacks, which can easily form the base of any great outfit for all seasons. This then also makes way for a few on-trend, bold colour pieces to match. Plus, nude and neutral colours are always flattering for any shape and let accessories do the talking.


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It’s all about the layers

When it comes to putting together the perfect transeasonal outfit, layering is essential. Whether it’s a light shirt-dress paired with a leather jacket or a skirt and blazer combo, it is important to dress in pieces you can take off or put on when the temperature changes. Another tip is to bare your ankles for just the right amount of skin. Plus, it’s always flattering on the legs!


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Mix it up

Don’t be afraid to mix up your winter and summer staples. Try wearing sneakers with a skirt, some slides or strappy heels with jeans and a knit or a dress with leather boots for a stylish, yet effortless look.


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