The Wearable Art You Have To See To Believe

The Wearable Art You Have To See To Believe

Benjamin Ringuet, creator of the eponymous label Ringuet, spoke to Caitlyn Spanner about his latest fashion collection, musical inspiration and the label’s recent celebrity interest.

By Caitlyn Spanner | 29th December 2015

When it comes to fashion, we wanna walk out for a night on the town feeling like a work of art and that's exactly what Brisbane label Ringuet exudes. These stylish garments feel like mini masterpieces, each one different from the last. We spoke to the label's creator, Benjamin Ringuet, about the hype for his sartorial creations.

What is the Ringuet story so far?

"Ringuet is a young and exciting Brisbane-based womenswear fashion label. We specialise in creating beautiful detailed prints and portray our artwork upon structured silhouettes. Our garments are exclusively designed and manufactured in Australia. We have rapidly built a loyal following in South East Queensland and hold exclusive events for VIP customers. Due to customer requests, our community gatherings are now expanding onto the Gold and Sunshine Coasts early next year.

"Our brand has quickly gained the support and attention of Australian celebrities such as Carrie Bickmore, Rebecca Judd and Dannii Minogue. We now have strong working relationships with Channels Seven, Nine and 10. The brand Ringuet is in high demand to profile boutiques worldwide. Our designs can now be found in selected stores throughout Australia, the US, Latin America, the Middle East and Europe."

When did you discover your love of fashion? And were you always interested in female fashion?

"From a young age I was drawing, painting and creating music. I was looking for something deeper and fashion was an easy transition because I viewed the body as a canvas to portray wearable art. At first I had no interest in female fashion – In the beginning, most creative designs were for personal satisfaction before hearing and understanding the voice of the market. There is something very real and fulfilling in knowing that your creations contribute to other individuals’ special moments and memories.

"Designing clothing gives me the opportunity to inspire through my imagination and share an energy of pure self-expression."

Was there a defining moment that made you realise you could turn that love into a career?

"I was enrolled in a mentoring program at the Queensland University of Technology. I would regularly skip lessons to spend time in boutiques trying to understand my craft and customer. I was working two other jobs and sleeping at work, in my car or literally wherever I could rest. Instead of paying my rent, I would save up all my money and travel to Sydney or Melbourne to walk the streets and introduce myself to boutiques. I had a script scribbled on a piece of paper that I would practise and memorise on the plane.

"At the time I was designing strictly in black and white and buyers kept asking me for a product that was both different and unique. I was returning home from Melbourne on one particular unsuccessful trip and was beginning to question my design aesthetic. I had a window seat on the return flight and it was dark outside and raining. The plane took off and I was staring out the window and the city lights began to sparkle with a beautiful array of illuminated colour. I took out my notepad and started to design. This was my defining moment."

What was the inspiration behind your latest collection?

"My latest collection, The Way You Love Her, was created for a person I have lost touch with. A reminder of special moments and memories shared. A fond farewell to a beautiful period of my life."

What is the process behind designing one of your unique digital prints?

"I try and design in public places, surrounded by people and conversation. This helps distract from the ongoing conversation within my mind. It also excites and fuels my imagination to create.

"I'm fascinated by calculations and believe complex equations can be achieved and seen effortlessly within nature. The way that I approach art is similar to my interpretation of music. One does not have to be a seasoned musician to understand the genius of an artist such a Jimmi Hendrix? You just have to listen. There is no debate or question on whether his music and lyrics work – they just do.

"I thrive to create art that continues to test my ability and inspire creatives and skeptics into seeing beauty through organised chaos."

Why did you decide to manufacture your label locally?

"We strongly believe in supporting our local industry by manufacturing in Brisbane. It also gives us the ability to oversee quality control and efficiently handle production issues as they arise.

"Producing onshore can be quite risky, expensive and time-consuming. However, we are in the business of producing luxury garments for our customers and followers. So essentially we pay a premium price for high-quality apparel, we want to help grow the local industry and ensure absolute customer satisfaction."

Who is the Ringuet woman? And who would you love to see wearing one of your designs?


"The Ringuet women is a strong independent professional person who does not conform with fads and trends. She has a good understanding of art, culture and worldly affairs. Her opinion and beliefs are critical and she is valued as an equal both professionally and socially. Her heart is pure and her stance is tall. She has a voice which is respected in a new and exciting era of gender equality.

"I am very blessed to be surrounded by strong intelligent women who have these attributes. I would personally like to see not only the elite find satisfaction in our statement styles, but also the average person who is seeking personal growth, in the hope that she will be inspired by our vision and find confidence to be fully self-expressed in all areas of her existence."

Tell us a bit about the recent celebrity interest in the label. What do you think attracts these women to your label?

"We are very fortunate to have gained a following of Australian influencers and celebrities. New personalities and socialites such as Scherri-Lee Biggs, Jules Sebastian, Livinia Nixon and Sam Frost have been linked to our label. All of these women share one common trait: they are strong successful individuals who continue to innovate.

"As an artist, I have no interest in conforming to trends and replicating current seasonal fads. The energy which surrounds our designs does not draw inspiration from runways or industry opinion. Our latest collection has more in common with lyrics from Paul Mc Cartney’s Maybe I’m Amazed than this season’s predicted must-have looks. I think most women understand this and are attracted to this romantic aspect of the brand."

Why do you think it’s important for a woman to have a bit of colour in her wardrobe?

"Fashion is just a tool we subconsciously use to express and validate our current moods and emotions. Women tend to understand, see and feel beauty in a way most men cannot comprehend. They capture moments and create memories through colour.

"Women will continue to have colour in their wardrobe as long as there is a desire to emotionally share and validate their inner beliefs to individuals they love, admire and respect."

What’s next for Ringuet?

"Firstly, we wish to build a strong foundation and following in South East Queensland and then expand our Brisbane brand both nationally and then into the international market and continue to build a business based on the ideology of self-expression, experimentation and inner belief."


Modern or classic? Classic.
Describe Ringuet in three words: Unconventional, emotional, inspirational
Ultimate place to live? Brisbane.
Favourite place to relax in Brisbane? The Blue Poppy coffee shop in Morningside.
Ultimate collaboration? A musical or artistic collaboration with Tame Impala.

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Article by Caitlyn Spanner

Caitlyn is just your average fashion-loving, coffee-drinking, story-writing, narcissistic millennial on the eternal search for the perfect t-shirt. On weekends you'll find her hanging with mates, enjoying an ice-cold cider or strong piccolo (depending on the weather), and searching for said perfect t-shirt. She has a passion for sustainable fashion and expressing her creativity in any way she can.


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