Little Miss Throwback Thursday

Little Miss Throwback Thursday

Brisbane is taking the expression “one person’s trash is another one’s treasure” to a whole new level!

By Guest Styler | 19th March 2015

By Tasneem Shahidullah

I finally understand my father’s compelling need to keep everything and anything, because when it comes to fashion, what goes around will most definitely come back around. (Except for maybe satin puffy shirts - they need to be buried or burnt or both.)

The thrift scene is ever-growing in this glorious city of ours, with more and more thrift stores, vintage markets and clothing swap events popping up seemingly overnight. Brisbane is basically one oversized jumper away from throwing right back to 1988. To help you transcend in style, we have broken down the very best hotspots for your vintage shopping pleasure.

Suit Case Rummage

The Suit Case Rummage is a monthly event that is held in Queen Street and is exactly what the name suggests, a big old cluster of suitcases to rummage through. If you love a bargain and barter this is the type of market for you. If you have clothes you yourself want to get rid of, sign up to hold a suitcase stall is easy - just head to the website to register.

Queen St, Brisbane CBD

SWOP Clothing Exchange

The nifty cats at SWOP Clothing Exchange have come up with the perfect way to say goodbye to your pre-loved clothes in peace! What better way to show your respects than to get them exchanged or purchased by the SWOP team to be sold in their West End store.

Factory 1, 93 Boundary Rd, West End

Egg Records West End

Egg Records is a cool little record store that has a selection of vinyls, cds and mix tapes as well as some pretty quirky memorabilia. Alphabetised and organised by musical genre, this little record shop will have you sifting and discovering the soulful sounds of Marvin Gaye and thrasher tunes of Van Halen.

79 Vulture St, West End

Retro Metro

Walking into Retro Metro is like stepping back in time into a 70s garage sale, with rails and baskets of vintage clothing overflowing into the small space. The selection of clothing is vast and you can really get a bang for your buck!. Shopping at Retro Metro is an experience in itself and the perfect lazy afternoon activity.

297 Given Tce, Paddington

TUM Vintage Shopping

People in the know shop at TUM Vintage. This hidden gem at Stafford sells everything from books and furniture, hardware and fashion and has even played host to accoustic gigs and photo shoots.

48 Webster Rd, Stafford

Vintage and Designer Markets West End

The Vintage and Designer Markets in West End are a great way to spend your Saturday. The market is held once a month at the Rumpus Room Bar and is jam packed with stalls and live music. With an open bar and groovy vibe these markets are all about having a good time.

56 Russell Street & Cnr Boundary St, West End

Paddington Antique Centre

Antiques! Antiques! And even more Antiques! The Paddington Antique Centre is your one stop shop to Brisbane’s most extensive and elaborate collection of antiques. Ranging from fashion, interiors, jewellery and collectables, you will be occupied for hours!

167 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington

Aladdin’s Fairs

Aladdin's Fairs are one of Brisbane’s biggest and most exciting antiques and collectables fair, and they'r back for another round in 2015. This place is a real treasure trove of antiques and collectable, with more than 100 dealers showcasing their wares. 2015 dates are March 29, June 14, August 30 and October 29.

86 Green Tce, Windsor


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Article by Guest Styler

This story has been written by a Guest Styler for Style Digital.


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