The 7 biggest wardrobe malfunctions and how to avoid them

The 7 biggest wardrobe malfunctions and how to avoid them

Oh how our clothes betray us… Here’s how to avoid nip slips, sheer madness, embarrassing rips and four other wardrobe malfunctions.

By Candice Jackson | 18th June 2015

CAPTION:  Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions (from left to right): Sofia Vergara's famous dress that ripped (Image: WENN), Emma Watson's unfortunate nip slip (Image: Buzzfeed), Sharon Stone's overly sheer look (Image: Buzzfeed)

Wardrobe malfunctions; this very phrase could send your fashionista heart into a panic. They are a serious fashion emergency we all wish we could avoid and the Style ‘fashion-doctors’, with the help of Alter-Ego have created some simple tips to avert an outfit crisis and possible social suicide.

Ever since the great Janet Jackson nip slip of 2004, it seems celebrities have taken to the idea “any publicity is good publicity” by wearing shock factor outfits that lend themselves to multiple wardrobe malfunctions.

However, for us average folk, wardrobe malfunctions are only bound to land us with the wrong sort of attention and leave us red-faced and humiliated. Everyone can relate to at least one of these below and if you can’t, use these tips to avoid them for life.

The 7 biggest wardrobe malfunctions and how to avoid them

1. Nip slip

Now, we can’t do much for you if your outfit resembles something of an out-there creation, with mesh and sparkles carefully placed in its design. However, if you’re sporting a look that’s less red carpet or runway-esque and still fear the issue, it may be that your dress gapes too far from your bust or that your straps hang to low.
Solution: Double sided sticky tape works as a temporary fix, but having a well-fitted garment is always the best defence for avoiding this common mishap.

2. Too sheer

If you stick to the mantra ‘ leave it to the imagination’ you’ll unlikely ever be found baring all, even the parts you don’t want to, in a sheer garment. Some garments lend themselves to a little sexy sheer reveal or the fabric appears a little transparent in sections and that’s okay. Wearing sheer is not always a no-no, but too much sheer can be, as well as having sheer elements on body parts, where the imagination should be kept.
Solution: Buy or get an appropriate coloured slip created or take the design of the garment you must have to a dressmaker, so they can custom make the item without the sheer elements being overpowering. Sheer genius!

3. Ladder in your tights

As the weather gets cooler, we turn to tights to keep our legs warm (or to cover those hairy legs…) and to add a different element to our look (coloured tights) to cover our legs, that don’t involve jeans. However, we all know that one snag on these stretchy fabrics can be the undoing of the neat appearance, all together.
Solution: At the first sign of a tear place clear nail polish or hairspray on the problem area. This will prevent the rip tearing further and creating a hideous ladder.

4. Bulgy

No matter who you are or what size your garments are, they’ll always be that one outfit that sucks you in a bit too tight around your arms or back, creating an appearance of bunched or bulging skin, or a dress that shows a little bit of bulge in the mid section. These make us feel self-conscious and are often reasons we choose to wear them with extreme caution or cover them up with layers, i.e, coats, scarves, etc.
Solution: Dressing for your shape is the first port of call, however, shapewear can be your best friend to smooth you out and stop the bulge! Adjusting the straps on the garment or choosing to wear a different bra might also help. Alter-Ego has also suggested strategically adjusting the waist length or shortening the rise of the fabric for shorter or longer waisted shapes, which will reduce the appearance of bunching or bulges.

5. Unfortunate rips

If this can happen to Sofia Vergara it can happen to you. Have you ever heard a buckle in the fabric , where you suddenly knew a tear or rip has become beyond your control. It’s horrifying. How high is the rip? Am I wearing nice underwear? Will I ever be able to repair it or is it heading for the bin?
Solution: Purchase quality dresses or skirts. The attention to the fabric and seams are very important to keeping you in place comfortably. Also, make sure to know your limits, with sizing and comfort. Also, don’t go busting a move on the dance floor if you’ve been walking like a robot in order to keep the garment intact and fit in dinner.

6. Button popping busty

This is not often a problem most women would complain about, however when in an outfit not properly fitted, a good bust can and will turn bad. Think button popping fronts and unattractive side boob, top boob, and just any type of escaping boob, really.
Solution: Ensure you are wearing the right bra for the outfit and if the garment is already tight fitting around the bust, consider whether a minimal padded bra or going without a bra all together is right for you. A dressmaker may even be able to sew in inserts to avoid wearing a bra or sew in hidden hook and eye clips to hide gaps in the fabric.

7. Static Cling

The winter weather brings with it static; that pesky thing that makes our clothes ride up or stick to us, and our hair frizzy and full of flyaways. No one likes an overly clingy garment or passing on a mild shock over a (what would have been) friendly handshake.
Solution:  Using a wire hanger over the clothing will remove the static charge of the garment. If the skirt or dress sticks to you, use moisturiser on your legs to avoid it clinging or riding up as you walk or get out of the car. Dressmakers also sell a magic 'static spray' which is safe to use on garments and reduces static- woohoo!

While wardrobe malfunctions can be humiliating, they can easily be avoided if you are aware of how your clothing should fit, their quality and how you should style and wear them appropriately. You can avoid all of these wardrobe malfunctions by getting your clothing altered professionally or by achieving your ‘perfect fit’ by having your clothing custom made by Alter-Ego.

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Article by Candice Jackson

Candice Jackson is a former Journalist of Style Magazines. She has an uncontrollable sweet tooth, an irrational fear of birds and a love of travel. Candice believes in the Yes Man Philosophy.


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