The New Frontier Of Sustainable Fashion You Need To Discover

The New Frontier Of Sustainable Fashion You Need To Discover

Turns out, it IS easy being green.

By Jade Horrobin | 1st March 2018

After several years of activism and a few game-changing Netflix docos, ethically produced fashion is finally at the forefront of global consciousness. With more brands investing in sustainable fabrics, higher wage workers and carbon-neutral production lines than ever before, we thought it nigh impossible to break into a new frontier just yet.

Tasi Travels have done just that. The Sunny Coast-based brand have completely flipped the sustainable fashion world on its head with a stunning line of COMPLETELY biodegradable pieces. Founder/General Boss Lady, Jessica Abraham created her entire line from Tencel, a fabric which will completely vanish in six weeks if composted properly.

“One of the key areas of fashion that is so detrimental to the environment is at the end of a garment’s life. Tencel is kind to the environment at every stage,” she said.

Tasi Travels

So what’s the deal with Tencel? It’s regenerated from wood cellulose; which Tasi Travels sources from sustainably grown eucalyptus trees. This raw product is treated in what’s called a ‘closed loop system’, which means no waste is produced.

Compare this to the 2,700 litres of water it takes to make a single cotton T-shirt… (side note: If you haven’t seen The True Cost, book it in for your next binge watching sesh).

Unlike 90% of fashion brands that produce their product offshore, Tasi pieces are handmade to order, right next door on the Sunshine Coast. We don’t mean to get grim here, but imagine getting compliments on a playsuit and obnoxiously bragging about where it’s from and how it’s made, instead of silently wondering if it contains the tears of Bangladeshi children.

Jess says the key to sustainable fashion is transparency.

“It’s really easy for brands to throw the word “ethical” around. At Tasi, we always try to be 100% transparent about every element of our practices and values,” she said.

Tasi Travels

Even if the environmental reasons are somehow not enough to make you jump on the Tencel train, it also absorbs more than cotton, is cooler than linen and softer than silk. Essentially, Tencel is the MVP of fabrics no matter which way you look at it.

Perfect for the traveller, minimalist and any/all other fashion-conscious folk, Tasi Travel was designed with a hot but conservative climate in mind.

“I was travelling in Timor-Leste when I had the idea. I found it difficult to pack for the climate—nothing I owned was light and breathable but still covered me. If it did, it wrinkled, took forever to dry, or it was just ugly! Tasi combines minimalism, practicality and style,” Jessica said.

Did we mention the styles just straight up rock our socks?

Tasi Travels, you’re a certified national treasure.

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Article by Jade Horrobin

Jade is a Digital Journalist for Style Magazines. She’s a board game aficionado, green tea fiend and can shake up a mean espresso martini. Jade has a problematic addiction to learning Eminem lyrics and enjoys brunch way too much to consider buying a house any time soon.


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