Style Trend Edit: Issue 1

Style Trend Edit: Issue 1

For the days you are too lazy to put an outfit together.

By Kiri Johnston | 7th June 2017

Everyone who knows me knows I love being comfy and warm in winter (I feel the cold more than any normal human should) and that I’m a big fan of denim and the colour black – it’s a rare day when I’m not wearing either.

If you’re a lazy dresser like me (I’d happily roll straight out of bed and into work), then luxe quality pieces will be your best friend to make yourself look put together! Issue 1 of our Style Trend Edit is all about winter essentials, which you can pair with basically anything in your wardrobe!


These bold layered loop earrings add life to any outfit. With these on, you’ll be ready to take on the world with a fair few compliments along the way!


Because of my height (I’m vertically challenged), I haven’t been a fan of long dresses until recently … and now I’m hooked! They are perfect to slip into on those winter days when you just don’t feel like wearing pants. Layer one over a skivvy or turtleneck sweater for added warmth.

Réalisation The 1996 dress $195

Réalisation The 1996 dress $195


Everyone loves some classic denim from Levi’s. If you don’t have a beau to keep you warm this winter, this boyfriend trucker jacket sure will!


I adore my leather jacket, which I bought last year overseas. It has had a thrashing yet it’s still in good nick. Do yourself a favour and invest in a leather jacket. These timeless cult wardrobe pieces will never let you down!


I’m not huge on the neat jean look myself, so I love a raw-edge hem! These ’90s-style Ksubis are a must-have winter staple, plus they have a cheeky butt rip for a bit of fun.


A good pair of boots will take you all the way through winter, while keeping your tootsies warm and snug. These Sol Sanas have texture and a pointed toe with enough height to take you from the office to after-work drinks.


My friends laugh at me and call me Mary Poppins because I always carry way too much sh*t in my bag … But they love me when they want a Nurofen or a mint. So make sure you invest in a bag large enough to carry all your goodies and chic enough that everyone can’t keep their eyes off it.


This classic it girl scent is my all-time favourite fragrance. The fresh yet woody scent takes you to a deep mystical forest and embraces the free-spirited gypsy inside you.

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Article by Kiri Johnston

With a passion for animals of all kinds, the self-confessed crazy animal lady has a dream of opening her own animal sanctuary one day. She’s always down for a good time, doesn’t mind a bev or two and loves to embrace nature. You’ll find her on the hunt for new delicious plant-based cafes, buying a new outfit from Aussie designers, planning her next overseas adventure or just hanging out with her friends, fam and fur babies (preferably at the beach!)


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