Style Trend Edit: Issue 2

Style Trend Edit: Issue 2

Reach for the stars!

By Kiri Johnston | 15th June 2017

I’m a big lover of celestial fashion. You won’t find me without a piece of jewellery featuring moons, suns, planets, stars or stones. Like most of us, I’m a sucker for reading all about my zodiac sign and how the stars and moon play a massive part on our moods and emotions. My spiritual side reflects my fondness for the people close to me, all animals big and small and the incredible galaxy that we live in! We all have a spiritual energy inside of us that we need to release every now and then. Maybe adding a few space-inspired pieces to your wardrobe is all it will take to keep your head in the clouds.


You’ll be over the moon with these babies on! They’re super-lightweight yet give off the ultimate celestial goddess vibes.


For the epitome of understated cool, amp up your look 10 notches with a constellation ear climber paired with your favourite studs.

Molten Store the constellation ear climber $49

Molten Store the constellation ear climber $49


Effortlessly take your look to the next level with a silk scarf. Wrap it around your wrist, neck, head or ponytail for stellar style.

66 The Label Pablo silk scarf $79

66 The Label Pablo silk scarf $79


Shoot for the stars, baby! Fit in with celebs in the famous Bianca top, suited to all those intergalactic babes out there!

Realisation The Bianca top $184

Realisation The Bianca top $184


Hello Miss Universe! There’s no denying this chain strap, low-back slip is totally out of this world.


Prepare to be moonstruck! When you see this magical moon pendant, you’re bound to love it to the moon and back!


We may not be able to spend all of our time star gazing, but at least we’ll have a star to keep with us everywhere we go!


Feeling a little starry-eyed? Get some sunshine with tinted designer shades made on the Gold Coast that will take your look from 0 to 100 real quick!

Isabelle Quinn Alphonse aviators $60

Isabelle Quinn Alphonse aviators $60


Seek rebellion with a hint of attitude. For those with a little edge, this shoulder bag will be your best bud for groovy intergalactic spirit.


Add a little bling to your life with these vintage beauties. With embroidered stars, everyone’s eye will be drawn to you like a comet!


Every girl should own a sequin skirt so they can shine like the night sky. Sparkle your way through life with a signature mini that will have all eyes on you!


Click your heels together three times and all of your dreams will come true in these audacious glittery boots!


Shimmer like the brightest star in the sky with this illuminating body butter. The soft bronze tone nourishes your skin while it’s at it and leaves you with a dreamy vanilla peach scent!

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Article by Kiri Johnston

With a passion for animals of all kinds, the self-confessed crazy animal lady has a dream of opening her own animal sanctuary one day. She’s always down for a good time, doesn’t mind a bev or two and loves to embrace nature. You’ll find her on the hunt for new delicious plant-based cafes, buying a new outfit from Aussie designers, planning her next overseas adventure or just hanging out with her friends, fam and fur babies (preferably at the beach!)