How to Style This Season’s Off-Beat Trends

How to Style This Season’s Off-Beat Trends

Four of this season’s trickiest pieces and how to style them.

By Hannah Doody | 29th September 2016

If you ever find yourself in shops saying “Wow, I could NEVER wear that!” then this article is for you.

Fashion is made to be explored and there’s no trend too crazy to incorporate into your closet. Well, almost. Let’s just ignore the dark times in the early ’00s when the ugg boot and mini-skirt combo reigned. For the most part, you can rock even the most contentious of trends if you know how.

I’ve styled a few tricky pieces to give you a head start on wearing this season’s most off-beat trends.

Styling This Season's Off-Beat Trends, trends, fashion, leather corsets

The Leather Corset

If you find the idea of a leather corset a little off-putting, don’t worry – there are a few tricks to making this style a little less dominatrix and a little more down-to-earth!


  • Layer over a white t-shirt and pair with distressed denim jeans or a skirt like this felt one for daytime cool.
  • For a great day-to-night look, pair your leather corset with a full, high-waisted midi skirt.

Styling This Season's Off-Beat Trends, trends, fashion, bomber jackets

The Printed Bomber

Arguably one of the coolest trends this season, a printed bomber is surprisingly easy to style.


  • For daywear, pair with distressed denim, sneakers and a white t-shirt.
  • At night, a figure-skimming midi skirt and killer heels will up the glam factor.
  • A necktie will add a little retro edge to your look – opt for one in tonal colours to avoid looking overdone.

Styling This Season's Off-Beat Trends, trends, fashion, velvet


Think velvet is reserved for grannies? Think again! This luxe texture is made for channeling Britpop-cool so have fun with it!


  • Team with vintage jeans and boots or a tailored pant and ladylike shoes.
  • If you’re not into channeling a grungy look, opt for pieces in sexier cuts, such as a figure-hugging dress or a cinched-at-the-waist blazer.
  • Darker tones are easier to wear, but lighter colours such as pink and blue are a lush alternative.

Styling This Season's Off-Beat Trends, trends, fashion, metallic pants

The Metallic Pant

Metallic pants are trending in a big way; from pleated styles to brocade and more, they can be easily dressed up or down.


  • For those a little unsure, remember: less is more! Keep styling easy with a well-fitting top and minimal accessories.
  • For those a little more daring, pair with some cool sneakers and even mix in some subtle prints. Muted tones will work well and will lessen your chances of looking like a Christmas decoration.


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Article by Hannah Doody

Hannah is a former journalist at Style Magazines. When she is not exploring new parts of the world, you will find her at music festivals, or on her eternal quest for the best breakfast in Brisbane.


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