Meet The Brisbane Jewellery Designer Doing Things Her Way

Meet The Brisbane Jewellery Designer Doing Things Her Way

And she’s setting the standard for summer accessories.

By Emmy-Lou McKean | 23rd November 2017

When it comes to piecing together an outfit, whether it be an everyday look or something special for a night out, nothing completes your outfit quite like the addition of jewellery.

Jewellery is a personal thing that not only looks good but can make you feel just as fabulous and for jewellery designer, Remy Breakwell it’s something that should be worn to empower.

This summer, Remy will be launching her much-anticipated label Standard Spice and we chat to the Brisbane-based jewellery designer about the inspiration behind her first collection and what piece she couldn’t go a day without wearing.

What sets Standard Spice apart from other labels?
I think the semi-customisation aspect, along with the fact that Standard Spice is a unisex jewellery line. I want anyone to feel like they can wear Standard Spice, add their own personal touch and feel really “on” and empowered when they do so.

You mention that your line is semi-customisable; can you tell us how that works?
I have created a few staple styles. For necklaces, there’s five: The Stronghold choker, Precision choker and Encompass chain as well as the Collar and Décolletage lariats. You choose the style and then select the colour, type of chain and if you like, you can even add a pendant, too! The same goes for earrings, simple hoops that you can have pendants added.


Was designing jewellery always something you aspired to do?
I’m currently studying Marketing and Fashion at QUT, but like most, I left school not having a clue what I wanted to do. However, I have always been really inspired by my mum who started her fashion agency when I was about 12 years old. I’ve watched her build it up and eventually, I become a part of it. That definitely sparked my desire to have my own business and being so interested in fashion, it felt natural to create my own line. I’m starting with jewellery, but this won’t be my last business venture.

Your Instagram images @standardspice have such a classic and vintage vibe. Does this influences on your label?
I named the launch campaign for Standard Spice “Thelma & Louise” after the famous movie. So, I think using the movie’s aesthetic as a muse for the first promotional video, the vintage vibe came naturally. However, such an aesthetic is definitely on-trend at the moment, but as much as my personal style constantly evolves, I always seem to feel most comfortable in a classic or vintage look. It’s definitely a physical part of me that is prevalent in the branding.


How does Standard Spice encourage ideas of individuality and empowerment?
The personal touch aspect is the first point of encouraging such ideas, plus 10% of all purchases will be donated to a relevant charity or cause as well. Each year, Standard Spice will support a different charity with donations and by being vocal and a part of the conversation about their cause. It’s all well and good to have a dope business idea, but how can you expect to make a success from the world if you don’t give something back – even if it is simply engaging in a conversation. I hope that through such actions, people feel empowered from their own personalised piece as well as knowing that it is making some sort of difference.

Being your first business venture, have you had a favourite moment so far?
I would definitely have to say the creative aspect. From the name to the promotional video – I have loved creating a business that holds so much of my own personality and style within it. I have also met some really talented young people who have taken my ideas and helped them grow and manifest.


If you could only wear one Standard Spice piece for the next year, what would it be?
I was obsessed with my lariats when I first received the samples – wore them to work, in the shower, to bed, out on weekends. But, right now, I wear the serpent chain almost every day and change up the pendant each time. I think it’s really subtle and sexy, you can go from work to play with the same accessory which I think is really effortless.

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Article by Emmy-Lou McKean

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