10 Spring Accessories You’ll Be Wearing This Season

10 Spring Accessories You’ll Be Wearing This Season

Seasonal spending is in order

By Cloey Tenorio | 10th September 2018

After your much needed spring-cleaning efforts have left you with a dreamy void in your closet and drawers that no longer jam when you try to close them, you find yourself looking for new pieces to fill the gaps.

While a change of season encourages a wardrobe overhaul, we often forget about the accessories that, more times than not, work to bring all the individual pieces of an outfit together in a harmonious symphony.

Here to remind us of the splendid sense of accomplishment in curating a complete springtime ensemble, we have the trends and pieces you need to accompany your wardrobe in the warmer months.

We take a look at the spring accessories worth investing in this season:

Cat Eye Shades

If there was a sundglasses silhouette as timeless as the cat eye we are yet to find it as this season’s rendition of the classic shape takes on a form sharper than a knife. Keep it neutral with tonal shades and tortoise shell colouring, or, make a statement with reflective lenses and bright colours.

Straw Boater Hats

When the months warm up we often turn to our sun-bathed European friends for inspiration in tackling the season in style. Traditional Spanish cordobes hats have been reinvented time and time again in fashion and this season is no different with different size brims and unique touches.

Layered Necklaces

Minimalism meets maximalism with this recent spring trend where we see delicate pendant necklaces layered to create a heavily adorned neckline that is somehow still soft. The key here is not to be too harsh but find a nice balance experimenting with different chain lengths and pendant styles i.e. plates, gems and lockets.

Coloured Belts

Belts often perform more of a function role and tend to be an afterthought in the dressing department. Opting for blacks, tans and beige tones are a thing of the past with coloured belts lifting the garments of this season. Wear them around your waist for an extra pop set against monotone hues.

Woven Bags

Since their inception into the fashion eye thanks to Rachel Comey, woven bags have saturated the market place in all different shapes and sizes. It’s clear to see why, they pair perfectly with a floaty day dress and light denim for sunny days out and about.

Skinny Scarves

Emphasis on the skinny. We’ve had the neckerchief and now it’s time for the skinny scarf of the 90’s to make its way back around on the modern revive train. Something about a silky piece of fabric instantly elevates an outfit with added colour, patterning and pure flair.

White Shoes

There’s nothing more fresh and crisp than a stark white pair of shoes to blind the fashion police. White shoes have seemingly been a fashion faux pa for a long time but they were recently revived at NYFW through the white boot almost every fashionista was sporting. While a boot may not be very 30 plus degree heat friendly, we’ve got some stylish alternatives.

Micro And Mini Bags

As soon as the heat hits things tend to shrink like our dresses, our makeup routines and now our bags. Although they’re only big enough to carry the bare essentials, micro bags have hit the style scene in a big way perhaps invoking us to lead more care free lives with nothing but our phones, cards and maybe some lippy on our person. Either way we’re not hating.


Statement earrings have been all the rage of recent and with the added incentive to wear our hair up to let our pieces do the talking, who can argue with that? Statement earrings usually come with a short lifespan in terms of what’s hot and what’s not so keep to a time-honoured shape: hoops.

Closed Toe Shoes

Whether they be mules, sling backs or flats, there’s something almost criminal in wearing a closed toe in our warmer half of the year. But these styles are too gorgeous to pass up when paired with raw hem jeans, linen slacks or a cotton maxi. They are as barebones as a silhouette can get, making them the ultimate designs in minimalistic footwear.

Feature Image: Pinterest

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Article by Cloey Tenorio

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