The App Changing the Way We Buy and Sell Our Clothes

The App Changing the Way We Buy and Sell Our Clothes

Bye-bye, impulse buys!

By Emmy-Lou McKean | 21st December 2016

You’re at your favourite boutique in a dress that you really don’t NEED, but the retail assistant tells you it looks fabulous. All of a sudden you’re the proud owner of a dress that will only ever be worn once. You need Shedd.

The process of selling preloved clothing has always been daunting. Until now. Mobile auction app Shedd has recently been launched in Australia. The buy, wear, shed ethos of the app encourages you to sell your preloved fashion and buy someone else’s, so you can be say goodbye to the guilt of purchasing new clothes and hello to a seamless sustainable cycle of fashion.

As a self-confessed shopaholic and shoe addict, for years I’ve tried flipping my impulse purchases in any way possible: eBay, Depop, Facebook, markets… at one point I even created a pop-up boutique in the spare room of our house.

So I decided to put this new app to the test, and I learnt some very helpful lessons along the way.

Uploading images and using hashtags for Shedd will be familiar territory for anyone who has ever used Instagram. I quickly found out that the image you take is everything! I scrolled straight past any images that were dimly lit or blurry. And I always wanted to see what the clothing looked like on someone else before buying it for myself.

Most importantly, it’s good etiquette (and in your best interest as a seller) to respond to potential buyers promptly and lock in a sale before they find someone else’s preloved items.

Here is a list of my Shedd commandments to ensure you’re successful when selling your wardrobe:

DON’T use images that are blurry or misleading.
DO take photos of the item being worn or ironed on a hanger.

A photo posted by Shedd Australia (@shedd_au) on

DON’T take a photo of your item with a crowded or messy background.
DO write a short and descriptive caption. The more detail the better but a novel about where you’ve worn the item is unnecessary. And don't forget to #HASHTAG

A photo posted by Shedd Australia (@shedd_au) on

make it clear what item is for sale.

#sheddittogetit! Fresh kicks don't come for free. #Nike #huarache #shoeaddict

A photo posted by Shedd Australia (@shedd_au) on

Overall, I found Shedd really easy to use and I loved the approval process of the Shedd team, which keeps the standard of the items relative.


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Article by Emmy-Lou McKean

Emmy-Lou McKean is a Journalist at Style Magazines. She is a self-confessed pyjama enthusiast and on her weekends when she isn't in said pyjamas you'll find her enjoying live music, sipping Matcha lattes and eating her way through Brisbane and beyond.


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