A Royal Affair

A Royal Affair

As the official Royal tour comes to a close, Will & Kate enthusiasts can get a glimpse of the next best thing at Myer Brisbane. Take advantage of bargains on the day or impress your friends with a selfie with 'Kate' & 'Wills'.

By Sarah McAlpine | 22nd April 2014

Pyjama king Peter Alexander is bringing a mock monarchy to Brisbane on Tuesday April 22. See the amazing shots from his new campaign and get ready to be fooled by Britain’s best doppelgangers. For your chance to take photos with Peter Alexander himself, plus the official "Kate" and "Will" lookalikes in store, head to the Myer Brisbane City Store at 12:30pm on Tuesday. You'll also receive royally good deals, like 15 percent off pyjamas all day, and up to 25 percent off when Peter is in store.

Camilla, The Queen, Kate & Pippa

In case you can't make it, check out our interview with Peter below.

Q. This looks like an incredibly fun photo shoot. Describe the experience on the day.

A. It was the most surreal experience of my life - sitting in a palace in England with the royal family & a bunch of corgis - I swear I suddenly behaved myself like I was around the real Royal Family! It was like being a very glamourous fly on the wall in Buckingham Palace.

Q. Tell us about your personal affinity with the monarchy?

A. I do love the Royal Family - I personally think they bring a lot to society as far as respect for one's history & traditions of the past. Everyone is so eager to move forward, but one should never forget where we came from.

Q. What can the royal-enthusiasts of Brisbane expect to see on April 22?

A. The unofficial Royal tour! You will be able to take a selfie with "Will & Kate" and play mind tricks on your friends through social media.
It will be a royally good time with laughs, special offers & discounts in-store, and great photo ops.

Q. Who's your favourite real-life royal, and why?

A. I love Harry's cheekiness but I have grown to admire Camilla's transformation into a respectable royal, however Kate is her royal hotness!

Q. Dachshunds or corgis?

A. The Queen has the right answer to that. She has "dorgis", a mix of the two! Seriously she has.
Sorry but I can’t get past a sausage dog - they just make you smile!

Q. Tell us about your royal fashion blunder? (As in, terrible style you tried to pull off in the past.)

A. I was a teen in the 80s so there has been many! Pirate shirts, knickerbockers, head bands; you name it, I committed the fashion crime!

Kate Middleton & Prince William lookalikes

Royal Family impersonators



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Article by Sarah McAlpine

Sarah McAlpine is a former Journalist in the Custom Publishing department at Style Magazines with a weakness for shoes, beauty products and puppy dog eyes.


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