Artificial Intelligence Engagement Rings Are A Real Thing & Here’s Why You Need One

Artificial Intelligence Engagement Rings Are A Real Thing & Here’s Why You Need One

Making it easier than ever for couples to get customised, ethically sourced, high-quality, engagement rings!

By Siobhan Taylor | 8th November 2018

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has come a long way in recent years. From the eerily human-esque robots of Blade Runner to the friendly and helpful Siri in our pockets, our understanding and application of AI is constantly evolving. But if we were to tell you that AI technology was helping us choose engagement rings, would you believe us? Because essentially, that is what RockHer Haute Jewels is doing! The LA-based jewellery company has recently launched RockHer with the world’s first artificial intelligence-powered diamond search engine. And yes, it’s just as epic as it sounds.

So how exactly does this ultra-techy system make finding the perfect engagement ring easier than ever? We’ll get to that in a second, but first, there are a few things you need to know about RockHer, the innovative tech-meets-romance company behind the AI-powered diamond expert.

Firstly, RockHer is all about personalising the engagement ring process. They want their couples to discover jewellery that is perfectly tailored to their own taste and style, while also being of exceptional quality. They also believe that all couples should be able to enjoy the magic of bespoke jewellery, without the price tag we’ve come to expect. From 100-carat jewels to half-carat engagement rings, every single piece they work on receives personalised attention and care to ensure that it is extraordinary and stunning, while also be completely customised to for you.

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Secondly, they care about the earth just as much as they care about providing couples with their dream engagement ring. Every gem and metal they work with has been sourced responsibly and adheres to the strictest labour, trade, and environmental standards. Their tightly-controlled diamond supply chain also ensures they sell any treated or synthetic diamonds. Every single stone is double-checked with the latest technologies available so that they can confidently guarantee that every gem is 100% natural. And, of course, by buying directly from the source they also ensure that they can continue to offer the best value GIA certified diamonds (even exceeding the accepted standard) without cutting ethical corners. It’s a win-win.

Okay, so now that we understand more about RockHer themselves, how does this AI-powered diamond search engine, called ROSI, even work? ROSI (the world’s first ever digital diamond expert) essentially streamlines the consumer buying experience. The easy-to-navigate search engine does all the legwork to help you find the perfect diamond for your soulmate (and your budget). Using their own unique algorithm, ROSI considers your budget, taste, and preferences regarding size and quality, in order to evaluate more than a million diamonds to determine the perfect one for you. ROSI has completely changed the game when it comes to diamond jewellery shopping.

If you’re worried about the process being a bit sterile or impersonal, you needn’t be nervous. The process is designed to help you find a beautiful gem for your soulmate, and to give you the opportunity to propose with a completely customised ring that will dazzle your love. Plus, ROSI makes it as easy as possible. Aided with the knowledge of hundreds of years of diamond buying expertise and internet power, ROSI can help you (or your partner) discover your dream ring without any pressure, pushy salespeople, or confusing jargon. Simply equip ROSI with some basic information about you and your partner, and then she’ll generate everything you need!

Seriously, we think that RockHer and ROSI are the wedding tools of the future. They are making it easier than ever for couples to get customised, ethically sourced, high-quality, bespoke, and budget-friendly engagement rings. So what are you waiting for? Check out their online gemologist tool now and get ready to pop the question! Alternatively, send this article to your special someone to drop a hint… The rest of the process will be their little secret.

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Article by Siobhan Taylor

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