Reverse Garbage

Reverse Garbage

Mary Dickinson gets lost among a treasure trove of curious finds at Reverse Garbage.

By Mary Dickinson | 4th April 2014

One of my favourite places to visit when my creativity gets a bit sluggish is Reverse Garbage at Woolloongabba.

The store is about to celebrate it’s fifteenth birthday, and third year at this site, after starting out on Montague Road. There’s a permanent gift shop with items made from pieces in the store, and four times a year they hold a showcase exhibition, with food and entertainment. The stock changes almost daily. At the time of my visit there were display dummies, hands, legs, theatre gowns, and the usual things such as pipettes, pointy tips, phials, paper, plastic, perspex, pipes, dropper bottles, film canisters, carpet offcuts, fluro, fabrics, leather, wallpaper and cardboard and stickers, timber veneer panels, cords, cards, coat hangers, office stamps, buckets, laboratory bottles, holey panels, little bitty boxes, grippy bits, and a huge collection of dots and spots in all sizes in leather, plastic, foam, felt etc..

Here is the resting place for the rejected, superseded and out of date but not for long. The shop is always full of students, artists and people searching for that illusive thing that might stir their imagination!

Open Monday - Saturday 9am - 5pm. Closed on Sunday.
Their motto is “ Waste is something we do, not something that is ”.

Reverse Garbage
20 Burke Street, Woolloongabba
Open Monday - Saturday 9am - 5pm. Closed on Sunday.


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Article by Mary Dickinson

Mary Dickinson has tried many career paths including kindergarten teaching, working in tourism and the arts, owner of Garden Way, blogger and social networker. She has a passion for the arts, frequenting GOMA and other art galleries, as well as for local designers with favourites including Easton Pearson, Camargue and White Label Noba. Mary is a great believer in Brisbane - the casual lifestyle, ease of getting around and the energy it exudes.


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