Amanda Shadforth Gets Real With Us About Oracle Fox

Amanda Shadforth Gets Real With Us About Oracle Fox

With over 1.5 million social media followers and counting, discover the story behind one of the world’s most recognised contemporary fashion destinations, Oracle Fox.

By Guest Styler | 1st February 2018

Whether she’s looking through her camera lens or developing campaigns for international luxury retailers, you can spot the Oracle Fox aesthetic a mile away.

Today, Amanda Shadforth, the founder and creative director of Oracle Fox travels around Australia and beyond with the kind of enviable dynamism that sees her acknowledged as a highly respected photographer, creative strategist, fashion illustrator and stylist.

But it wasn’t always high fashion shoots and luxury label campaigns.

From humble beginnings raised on a cane farm in Queensland, Amanda grew up as a tomboy with a family of civil engineers and earth moving contractors. She always knew she was a black sheep.

Throughout high school, she gravitated towards art and English but knew that the idea of becoming a fine artist in the future wouldn’t float well with her family.

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After finishing school, Amanda worked with a local signwriter for three years before starting her own business as a chalkboard writer. Working with clients all over Queensland for eight years; this is where she learned how to be a creative and run a business.

“I knew there would be a timeline on the popularity of chalkboards.” She jokes.

“I got to a point where I got sick of doing barbecue chicken shops and would often be on scaffolding on the side of a highway painting truck yard signs, and would think, this is really not where I thought I would end up.”

During that time, Amanda would often paint for herself and enter local exhibitions, which eventually gave her the confidence to become a fine artist and open her own gallery on the Sunshine Coast.

The more inspired Amanda became, the quicker her studio walls would fill with endless mood boards, which led her to start a WordPress website as a side project.

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“I started my site as a space for my personal inspiration and also as a space for me to archive things that inspired me and to hopefully meet other creatives, mostly artists,” she explains.

“When I realised I could monitor my following, I found I had 300 followers and that made me really nervous.”

It didn’t take long for Oracle Fox to be recognised and promoted globally by sites like Bloglovin’. Within weeks the website gained a huge following, increasing by the thousands.

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From then, almost instantly, Amanda had brands contacting her to work with them and she began formulating a creative strategy, realising she could make a career out of her Oracle Fox work.

“It’s not that I wasn’t loving what I was doing as an artist, I’d just hit a dead end in the space that I was at and I thought why not take the risk and move into the digital space.”

Although many would assume shifting into the digital world is simple, it has become clear that we are in a time where our feeds are oversaturated with imagery and having a point of difference is crucial.

“I think it’s getting harder now to produce images that are different or that are perceived in a way that people are feeling like they haven’t seen it before.” Amanda says.

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“I find that it is a really exciting challenge for me, because I think, as an artist, a lot of the time when you’re painting it just comes from within. So it’s really nice to be able to draw a balance of my previous experience as an artist and trying to bring that into creating a fashion image or an art image as a photograph.”

Five years on since its inception, Oracle Fox has become an inspiring destination of curated content that reaches a global audience of over 1.5 million. Amanda’s flair for the creative and eye for unique detail has seen her create a collection of dynamic digital campaigns for international luxury brands including Louis Vuitton, YSL, Calvin Klein and Versace, as well as homegrown brands like Country Road.

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At the forefront of her industry, Amanda explains that although she treats Oracle Fox like a creative agency, that it’s really important for her to stay authentic in her artistic approach to work.

“It’s been really hard to carve out respect for myself and my team in the industry because there’s a perception that you have to be a fashionista and that you’ve got to feed your audience those fashion shots, but I think that’s why I like to have a separate account for my legitimate work that I’m creating.” She says.

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The latest addition to the Oracle Fox portfolio is the Oracle Fox Journal, which showcases Amanda’s personal works and collaborations. Both online destinations serve as the foundation of Amanda’s creative agency and has become a platform to showcase her unique digital content, which is consumed daily by her loyal following.

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