Our Top Picks Of Op Shop Essentials You Need In Your Wardrobe

Our Top Picks Of Op Shop Essentials You Need In Your Wardrobe

Because seasonal shopping is overrated.

By Guest Styler | 20th November 2018

We think you’d agree that the idea of a beloved blouse or leather pouch wounding up in landfill is downright nightmarish. No matter how old or out of date, these wardrobe wonders still have a life to live, a body to beautify, and a woman’s heart to warm. It’s been estimated that 4 in every 10 people across Australia bin their unwanted closet clobber, rather than taking the high road and upcycling. Don’t worry, we’re guilty as charged.

The definition of value in fashion buys have shifted across generations. Millennials are hooked on a bargain, with price exceeding longevity. After all, who can resist a tee for a tenner? We sure can’t. That’s why opting for an OP shop spree should be your next venture for a wardrobe upgrade that’s cheap as chips, and crazy good for the environment.

In saying this, buying second hand is a nullified act if you bulk your basket, style each piece once, and then give it a chuck come next month. The chief solution? Scout for the essentials at your nearest Vinnies, Salvos, Lifeline or other. We’ve got the timeless, wearable, and flexible few that’ll become the all-year-round, stylish staples you’ll refuse to part with.

The Boyfriend Bomber

If you’re bats for booming streetwear from around the globe, a bomber jacket is key. Why the ‘Boyfriend’ bomber? Because you’ll be browsing the women’s section till the grey hairs grow. We recommend the men’s rack of jumpers and jackets to find your fateful bomber buddy. Sure, this neon number isn't for everyone, which is why the basic black also has our vote. Style it with a pair of glossy slides, high-waisted shorts or jeans, and a cotton crop. Nothing spells cheek and confidence quite like a draped windbreaker with all the puff, and a pretty price to match.


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The Berry Bold Bottom

If cherry red’s not your pick, spin the colour wheel, take a chance, and pop the tag on a pair of trousers that are rich in rainbow goodness. Paired with a box white tee and the belt of your choice, a bold bottom can be the trendy, yet unexpected solution to any spiritless ensemble. We suggest a thorough sweep of both the men’s and women’s for a variety of booty hugging candidates for the job. If you’re a creative individual, craving a custom touch, sew a patch or two on the pockets or legs of your newfound kecks. To top off your look, throw in a pair of platform sneakers, or grunge black booties and call it a day.


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The Chic Blazer

Every working class girl with a side of sheek should sport a blazer that sounds success. With a silk inner lining and luxe plaid exterior, blazers can be a pricey pursuit in your everyday retailer. Stroll into a Salvos and skim their selection with a fine eye, ensuring there’s no trace of stains and stray thread. After all, this outerwear garb has the power to shape and structure an interview attire for any role, frequent the office on a daily, or simply spice up the weekend wear of any city chic.


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The Statement Skirt

The good news is, long pleated skirts decorate the walls and wire racks of every OP shop in Queensland. The bad news is, deciding on a mere one or two amongst several with the right fit, frill, or floral print is near impossible. Here’s our proposal. Filter your vision, give the unfamiliar a whirl, and experiment with bold colours, prints, and shimmering finishes. This will allow you to pinpoint the statement skirt that’s right for you, and undoubtedly right for your budget. The best part? The styling possibilities are endless. From sandals and sneakers, to wedges and pumps, there’s no long skirt trend that’s been untouched, making this a staple for every season.


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The Band/Graphic Tee

The band tee is perhaps one of the most notable thrifted treasures of our time. Whether you’re a true fervent fan of Guns N’ Roses, or purely adore killer graphics, bloody roses, and bold text on your tees, both justify a quick buck spent at your local Lifeline. Tucked into your holy grail skinnies, draped over your PJ shorts, or cropped for your next festival feat, a band tee can do no wrong. Of course, for the oversized look, flock on over to the men’s section and ravel in the variety. No doubt, you’ll be perusing Pinterest for DIY band tee transformations before day’s end.


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The White Button Up

Now, it’s time for our personal favourite. The white button up, much like the blazer, is a crisp-collared classic that radiates elegance, professionalism, femininity and sensuality. The diverse nature of this garment allows for an array of matchmaking miracles. Slip this long-sleeve looker into a pair of wide leg trousers, or opt for the look that says Malibu vacay by popping open a few buttons, rolling the sleeves, letting the hem hang loose, or twisting the two ends in a front knot. Browse both the women’s and men’s section for this winner, and take your time to find the right fit. It’s crucial that this closet addition compliments your figure, taste, and style.


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The Knotted Collar Shirt

Redefining preloved and new, the knotted collar shirt was almost definitely a flamboyant favourite of your old man’s closet. It probably endured beer spills and grass stains but still managed to come out on top, ready and able to make a smooth comeback, and a woman’s heart flutter. Is this what defines a legend? We think so! The variety of prints, colours and fabrics on offer depends on the OP shop, but in our experience, you’re bound to discover one or two that are unusually alluring and bubbling with matchmaking potential. Regardless of colour, once you tie the knot with one of these comfy beauts, a killer pair of high waisted shorts, and your go-to sneakers will be all you need. Talk about an easy-like-Sunday-morning ensemble that’s hassle free, and so cute, you’ll be chirping madly and melodically.


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The Big Ol’ Knit

Chunky knits and slinging cardis rule every woman’s wardrobe in winter. Though we’re currently coming up on summer, OP shops aren’t seasonal, so you’re free to bask in bargains all year round. Ponder this for a moment. A thrifted oversized sweater was once someone else’s safe haven when the wind blew cold, and their hands needed a burrowing place. It’s almost magical to think that said sweater could become your cosy comforter for a couple of dollars. Thus, the spectacle of upcycling. Riffle through and remark every snug and stitched creation at your local second hand store to find your match. Take your time, dear. A world of winter warmers awaits.


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