So, it’s February. Already. And officially, our summer finishes up in a few weeks, but we all really know Brisbane’s summer doesn’t finish for at least another two months. And so, to help you get through the upcoming, sweltering weeks of lingering heat, we’ve compiled a list of essential men’s summer shoes.

Not only do these shoes make use of cool, breathable materials, but they also are designed to be lace-less with shorter vamps so you’ve quite literally got less shoe on your foot. You’ll be amazed at the difference having cool toes makes! The door to stylish, summer shoes lies before you. Press forward, brave reader!


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The dressiest shoe on this list, a heeled loafer is classic summer shoe alternative. Loafers are defined as being a heeled, lace-less, slip-on shoe, typically with a moccasin style toe. The lack of laces points towards a refined nonchalance, while the heeled sole keeps things formal enough to be worn with a suit.

This probably isn’t an everyday shoe for most guys, however, you’ll get plenty of wear out of it, whether that be at balmy evening functions, outdoor dinners, or in some cases even at the office.

One of the great things about the classic loafer is that it comes in so many different variations, ranging from Gucci styled horsebits, to grandad’s apron front. Our favourite is the tassel loafer, packing plenty of flair and elegance. A leather penny loafer is an ideal introduction to those yet to acquaint themselves with this menswear classic.

Tennis Sneaker

A more casual summer shoe option is the tennis sneaker, born over 50 years ago. This tennis sneak has evolved to encapsulate just about any flat-bottomed sneaker, typically with a white sole. With breathability and versatility in its favour, the tennis sneaker is hard to pass up when picking an outfit. It’s just so damn easy to wear! If the budget allows, then you have got to go for the Common Projects Achilles Low in a pale pastel colour. But a more affordable alternative is the perennial Adidas Stan Smith. So fresh, so clean!

Jogging Sneaker

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The emergence of the jogger has been a bit of a revelation over the past five years. Kanye has been somewhat obsessed with the athletic silhouette, returning to it time and time again with each edition of his Yeezy Boost 350. The slim, lightweight look is ideal to be worn with shorts or slim fit chinos, making it more than summer appropriate.

Not only is the jogging sneaker a modern and stylish option, it’s also the most comfortable option on this list. Plush uppers, cushy soles… sign us up.

When it comes to picking a sneaker, there aren’t a lot of rules. Just pick something in fresh, simple colours, a slim silhouette, and not too athletic. Think along the lines of Nike Air Max, Adidas NMD, Yeezy Boost 350, or even Asics Gel-Lyte III and you’ll be safe.

Boat Shoe

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Ok, this one is really a bit of a year-rounder. But what’s more summer than slipping on a pair of deck shoes (sans socks) and making a beeline for the nearest coast available? That’s right, the answer is finishing your coast trip with a couple of beers as the sun sets and you wiggle your sandy toes inside your boat shoes. They’re called boat shoes for Pete’s sake, their middle name may as well be summertime.

As the warmer months eventually come to an end, you can keep your boaties in rotation with a pair of cuffed denim jeans and lairy wool socks for a pop of colour. Think of Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom and you’ll be on the right track.

Driving Shoe

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The ultimate weekender shoe. The driving shoe is really just a few rubber sole studs away from being a fully blown slipper, and we adore them for it. Somehow this loafer blurs the line between hanging out at home and actually being out in public, and this just typifies what summers should be all about: loafing.

The extremely casual air of the Driving Moccasin is complemented with an element of refinement. Contrasting coloured laces add a welcomed hit of colour in a relatively simple shoe. In fact, this simple silhouette is what makes this shoe best friends with a pair of tailored shorts. For something a little more daring, try hemming a pair of chinos about two inches shorter than usual to emphasise the relaxed attitude of your summer look.

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