Style Men - August

Style Men - August

Style chats to dapper brothers in business, Michael and Mark about how looking sharp goes a long way in the world of finance.

By Candice Jackson | 30th July 2014


Mark and Michael Stewart


Mark - 38
Michael - 33


Mark: Financial Adviser / Partner of Stonehouse Wealth Management.

Michael: Same.

How would you describe your style?

Mark: Classically thrown together with an edge.

Michael: Well-tailored, classy and individual.

When did you become interested in style?

Mark: More so in the last 5 years - especially when I broke down all my preconceived ideas about what to wear with what.

Michael:  When I stepped into a senior role dealing with clients and needed to look the part.

Stylish man in blue suit and brown shoes

Mark's suited details

Stylish man in grey suit and navy tie


What’s your go-to item/what do you live in?

Mark: Blue linen jacket and my angry boots.

Michael: Crisp white business shirt or white V-neck tee.

Do you follow any fashion rules?

Mark: If most people think it’s wrong, it’s probably right.

Michael: Not really - wear what you want.

What’s your fashion mantra?

Mark: Be confident, wear it because you love it and ignore the norm. And good shoes go a long way.

Michael:  Quality tailored clothes whenever possible.

Whose celebrity style do you admire?

Mark: So clichéd but David Beckham knows how to roll.

Michael:  Ryan Gosling.

Two stylish men sitting on crates

The boys love their chinos for a casual cool look

Any fashion faux pas?

Mark: ‘Matchy-matchy’.

Michael: Tan shoes with a black suit.

Your best budget-buy?

Mark: Plain tees and pull-overs.

Michael: Cheap knock-around chinos.

Stylish man in chinos and sunglasses

Michael's go to is a crisp white business shirt

What’s your favourite new-season trend?

Mark: Personalising with detail – think unique socks, pockets squares, lapel flowers and coloured shoe laces.

Michael: Boots, thanks to my brother Mark and stylish socks.

What fashion trend will you never try?

Mark: If pleated pants ever come back count me out!

Michael: Flared pants.

Your favourite Brisbane men’s store?

Mark: Recently Ted Baker, Calibre, Marcs and DJs.

Michael: Cloak Room and Pistols at Dawn.

What do you think is the most important thing for men when it comes to fashion?

Mark: Its one of the few ways us guys really get to express our individuality.

Michael:  Make sure it fits right.

Do you prefer… boxers or briefs?

Mark: Boxers up until recently when I made the change to briefs – my ‘boys’ have never been more comfy.

Michael: Briefs

Smart suits or cool casual?

Mark: Both have their place

Michael: Smart suits

Short back and sides or a little scruffy?

Mark: Prefer a little scruffy

Michael: Both, depending on the occasion.

Stylish man in a sweater and chinos

Mark loves a sweater

Where can we find you…..

On your day off?

Mark:  Golf course, good food, friends.

Michael: In lycra cycling around Brissy.

On a Saturday night?

Mark: Socialising somewhere.

Michael: With my wife.

On your next holiday?

Mark: Europe in July

Michael: Running with Bulls in Spain.

Extra stuff from both of us:

People notice when you take care in your appearance - when you look good, you feel sharp. This often translates into your work ethic. And being in financial services, it’s good to express some individuality to help stand out from the rest.


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Article by Candice Jackson

Candice Jackson is a former Journalist of Style Magazines. She has an uncontrollable sweet tooth, an irrational fear of birds and a love of travel. Candice believes in the Yes Man Philosophy.


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