Meet Queensland’s real-life mermaid

Meet Queensland’s real-life mermaid

Noosa resident Alexandra Mearing is re-inventing swimwear one bikini at a time with her Aussie label Klams.

By Leith Wilson | 18th February 2016

At the first hint of summer, we return to the never-ending search for the perfect bikini. When Alexandra Mearing couldn’t find THE bikini that fit in all the right places, she decided to make her own.

Embracing her inner mermaid, Alex designed a gorgeous bikini inspired by clams, shared it on Instagram and instantly had people double-tapping and clamouring to get their hands on a bikini of their own. And so Klams was born.

Noosa swimwear label Klams make being a mermaid possible

Noosa swimwear label Klams makes being an actual mermaid possible.

Alex is no stranger to fashion, having designed and handcrafted made-to-order wedding dresses for non-traditional brides such as Ainsley Hutchence from Sticks & Stones Agency.

Inspired by her surroundings and experiences, Alex says Klams has helped her to discover more about the feminine essence, spirituality, art, travel and nature. “I think when you have a variety of inspiration it creates something authentic. Klams has allowed me to share my interests with others, and it’s an outlet for my artistic expression,” she says.

Alex says the best part about being Klams’ #girlboss is doing what she loves every day and collaborating with amazing creatives.

Like any successful business, Klams hasn’t been without its tough times; Alex continues to find companies copying her unique designs. “The materials and cut are really important to me for a quality product, which the copies do not have. Genuine Klams are sold exclusively through our website and nowhere else in the world,” Alex says.

What makes Klams stand out in the sea of swimwear brands is the drive to embrace each woman’s unique feminine energy. As Alex says, Klams is about “allowing you to be who you want to be, and live true to yourself”.

Noosa swimwear label Klams make being a mermaid possible

We can't wait to get our Klams on these!

Each of Alex’s designs allows her minimal, contemporary style to shine through. When asked to describe Klams in three words, Alex doesn’t hesitate: “Ethereal, timeless and authentic.”

Her advice for hopeful business owners out there? “Do what you love and feel passionate about, but make sure you plan for your goals and trust yourself to make the right decisions.”

If you wanna go with your mermaid self, you can grab some Klams here. Or follow them on Instagram for some seriously gorgeous bikini inspo.

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Article by Leith Wilson

A lover of ice-cream, travel, adventure seeking and fashion, Leith is a former Journalist at Style Magazines and is always on the hunt for her next pair of heels or foodie spot to squash her avocado obsession.


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