The Mad Ones

The Mad Ones

Inspired by the beauty of the ocean, Jessy Cameron unveils her latest collection for Molten Store: The Mad Ones.

By Guest Styler | 12th March 2014

By Elle Raison

Molten Store, the premier destination for purveyors of otherworldly jewellery and curious gifts, presents The Mad Ones; the latest offering from their namesake label, Molten Relic.

Born and bred in Brisbane, designer and owner Jessy Cameron has a whimsical sense of wanderlust and obsession with collecting treasures at flea markets around the world.

Jessy is a constant source of inspiration; from the collation of handpicked treasures available on her online shop Molten Store, to daily updates and inspiring home and life images through her Instagram.

Having been the go-to-place for that little something different with Molten Store since 2011, it is a pleasure to see Jessy take the reigns on designing her own label, Molten Relic, with The Mad Ones being her very first full collection.

Bourne by a nostalgic fascination with the sun, sand, and surf, The Mad Ones draws inspiration from Hans Christian Andersen’s darkly romantic fable, The Little Mermaid.

With minaudiére clutches, cuffs and necklaces, The Mad Ones collection is made by hand from natural materials such as abalone shell and wood and finished with touches of textured brass, perspex and enamel.

Style had a little chat with the lady herself to find out the inner details…

Is this the second personal collection you've created? Do you create the pieces yourself?

This is the first time I've developed a full range for Molten Relic. For The Mad Ones, we worked exclusively with a small, family-owned company who have farmed Abalone shell in the same plot of land (in the ocean) for three generations. Abalone shell is strictly regulated so we needed to make decisions regarding form that would enable us to create as many different styles as possible before we ran out of materials!

What is your favourite piece of this collection and why?

I’m enamoured with The Sea King minaudiére; the all-over abalone shell detail and luxe brass fixtures are super-luminous. It’s the ultimate hero accessory.

What is it about the sun, sand and surf that you love and why did you want to bring that into a collection?

The inspiration behind The Mad Ones celebrates the beauty and mystery of the ocean. I read Hans Christian Andersen’s original fable The Little Mermaid a few months ago and started researching artworks and illustrations produced in homage to the darkly romantic mood of the story. Andersen’s Ariel was a vagabond; brave enough to leave behind all she knew in pursuit of her dreams. I wanted to capture that spirit in the range while celebrating the organic beauty of the world beneath the waves.

How do you want people to feel when they wear pieces from The Mad Ones?

I’d love for the wearer to feel like a modern day treasure hunter. Each piece from The Mad Ones is meticulously made by hand, so no two pieces are completely identical. There’s something so intimate about owning a unique accessory.

Any exciting things to come in the near future for Molten Store and Molten Relic?

We’re currently developing our next range of goodies for Molten Relic and turning our attention to some exciting new features on the new look Molten Store website. The sky’s the limit when you blaze your own trail…


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Article by Guest Styler

This story has been written by a Guest Styler for Style Digital.


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