Lego makes anti-Lego slippers

Lego makes anti-Lego slippers

Helpless humans are attacked by vicious Lego blocks every day. Well, NO MORE.

By Brittney Deguara | 19th November 2015

Ah Lego, man’s best friend yet his mortal enemy. Scenarios such as these have been featuring as a main character in our nightmares for years. Tragic stuff.

Lego step gif

If only there were a way to tip toe through these landmines without losing your foot... OR YOUR LIFE. Well it seems Lego heard our (literal) screams for help and cries for change. Finally, Lego are releasing new protective anti-Lego slippers. That means we will no longer look like a comical fool…. Hallelujah!

Those who have kids will be singing from the rooftops with this joyous news. And we're willing to wager those who don't would go as far to purchase a new Lego set just to walk over them pain-free. Take THAT Lego, the shoe is now on the other foot. Well, both foot. Feet. DAMMIT, WE'RE WEARING SLIPPERS SO YOU CAN'T HURT US ANYMORE, LEGO.

Frustrated lego man

Lego Man isn't happy that he can't get to us anymore.

So here’s the deal, Lego gave the French advertising agency, Brand Station, the thumbs up to create this life changing product. These heavenly creations will take the form of interchangeable squared-off slippers, because who has time to find the left and right foot?

Now fashion wise, these beasts are on the fleek (#amiright). Made in yellow and red, ironically they’re the same colour of our blood that we shed too many times over the pint-sized devil blocks. They’ve finished off the design with the big red Lego logo, so we know whom to blame and whom to thank at the same time (very clever Lego, very clever).

There is so much padding in these slippers they can double as a pillow (not really, but it’s a good idea).

Sadly for us mere mortals, only 1500 pairs of these tootsie savers have been made. That’s not nearly enough to help the poor, tired, supple feet around the world that experience these horrendous Lego attacks every second of the day. They will be given out at random to people who fill out a Christmas wish list on the Lego France website (BRB, filling out 1500 wish lists). But, if you know your way around a sewing machine and can make your way to Spotlight, by all means try and make your own pair and then let us know so you can make them for everyone in the Style office.


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Article by Brittney Deguara

This story has been written by a Guest Styler for Style


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