Killin' It

Killin' It

Fresh talent and RMIT graduate Nixi Killick has well and truly caught our attention. We discussed her label launch at Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival (VAMFF) and her unique design ethos.

By Guest Styler | 28th April 2014

By Catherine Rolley

Nixi Killick is not your average fashion designer. Her label launch caused the fash pack at VAMFF to stand up and take notice. Crowds were captivated by Nixi’s innovative designs and unconventional approach to showing. Describing her label launch as a “live model installation” rather than a fashion show, Nixi presented a dynamic fusion of fashion, art and music.

Nixi’s eccentric creativity has been developing since her not so humble beginnings. “I grew up in a circus in NSW and was always making costumes and performing,” says Nixi. Visual art was also a large influence in Nixi’s upbringing. “Both of my parents were artists so I was always trying to figure out which way to go. Then I decided that fashion seemed like a really good portal to do both.”

Nixi’s label is a culmination of her roots in costume design, performance and art, providing a platform for negotiating creative constellations.

“For my newest collection I wanted to explore a really bright and distant galaxy, just this magnetic, epic, energetic thing.”

The concept for Nixi’s collection also reflects her breakthrough as a designer: “It was all about a borderline new world that is futuristic and psychedelic,” says Nixi. Her final pieces are some seriously show-stopping hybrids of fashion, fine art and digital imaging - what she describes as “utopian freshness”.

Nixi’s prints may be crazy and experimental but they are also very wearable, “I have performance pieces that are the face of the collection, then I have scaled it down with some streetwear and sportswear that people are comfortable wearing.”

The easy to wear silhouettes and vibrant patterns make for the perfect addition to the Brisbane market. And lucky for us, Nixi is here to find stockists for her unique and exclusive pieces. “I’m talking to some galleries about stocking there – I’m figuring out a way to translate that aspect of art in the selling side of the business,”says Nixi.

After checking out potential Brisbane stockists, Nixi is heading to her parents’ place in NSW to start working on the next collection. “They live in the bush in an abandoned primary school. It’s awesome, there’s no service and no distractions."

Nixi will spend her time there painting as the first step in the design process. “I will then start generating prints from more digital work. I try to let that inform a philosophical idea. There’s always a reason for it, trying to push some concept that is always futuristic.”

Like her designs, Nixi Killick is energetic, enthusiastic and creative. We are going to be keeping our eye on this one; her big ideas and optimistic attitude have us thinking we can expect big things in the future.

If you need one of Nixi’s pieces right this very moment (we don’t blame you) head to her online store at


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Article by Guest Styler

This story has been written by a Guest Styler for Style Digital.


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