How to wear white to a wedding without upsetting the bride

How to wear white to a wedding without upsetting the bride

Yes you heard us, wear white to a wedding. We dare you.

By Eveline Fielding | 2nd September 2015

With wedding season upon us, we thought it best to go over the pesky do’s and don’ts of what to do when a loved one ties the knot. 1. Thou shalt not commit the drunken wedding speech. 2. Thou shalt never comment on the bride’s weight. 3. Thou shalt avoid getting stuck at the singles table like the plague. We could go on and on...

But of all the varying wedding commandments, be sure to remember one in particular; thou shalt never, EVER, wear white, because hell hath no fury like a bride out-whited.

But here at Style, we know when it comes to wedding fashion, the struggle is real, so we’ve found you the only stylish white wear appropriate for a wedding, and let us tell you, it’s one gem of a loophole: PEARLS!

Coco Chanel in pearls

Coco Chanel knew what was up.

Open up the oysters because these ain’t just for your grandmothers, kids – here are five pearly accessories for you to rock a sneaky peak of white without getting on bridezilla's bad side.

1 Strands

Channel your inner Grace Kelly, Jackie O or fashion's ultimate diva Coco Chanel herself with a classic strand of pearls like Girls Love Pearls’ Akoya strand for a feminine, timeless look. Strands are also great to fiddle with awkwardly when one of the mothers-in-law gets mad at a groomsmen for his lewd behaviour.

2 Pendants

If the all out pearl strand isn’t your thing, pendants are a stylish way of sneaking the pearly-white into your wedding wardrobe and can work with any neckline you choose. Get a little bit fancy and rock a pearl pendant with a diamond-encrusted setting.

Pearl pendant

Drop pendants are an elegant yet simplistic way to wear pearls.

3 Ear candy

If you’re going to go classic and be a Girl With a Pearl Earring, feel free to explore other pearl shapes instead of the typical round. Button, oval, drop and baroque-shaped pearls make for a little something different on your lobes.

4 Bracelets

Weddings call for the extraordinary, so why not transform something as everyday as a bracelet into an elegant, eye-catching piece? Drape your wrists in simple, single strands, or multiply your pearl power with double and triple-row bracelets for a refined finish to your outfit.

5 Rings

Finally, weddings are all about the rings baby, so pretty your fingers up with some pearls. The world is your oyster (hehe) when it comes to your ring’s setting, so why not play around and have a whirl with pearls?

pearl ring

Stylish. Classic. Timeless

Just a quick note: This post is sponsored, but we only write about things we reckon you’ll think are awesome. We’re all about sharing the love here at Style, and it’s the love from sponsors that helps make that happen. Thanks for the inspiration Girls Love Pearls!



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Article by Eveline Fielding

This story has been written by a Guest Styler for Style


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