Pearls Of Wisdom: Why Pearls Are This Season’s Reigning Jewellery Trend

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By Dinushka Gunasekara | 18th April 2024

Toeing the line between timeless and trendy with grace and glamour by the bucketload is pearl jewellery. Beloved by icons over the decades like Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, and even Marge Simpson, this sophisticated gem is bound to stay relevant for a long time to come. 

Of course, in the same way pearls grow at the bottom of the sea, the classic style has evolved in modern times and ultimately ditched its prim and proper label. In fact, today’s pearl jewellery can be edgy or subtle, while maintaining a feminine sensibility we’re simply chuffed to get around. 

From luxurious layers to standout strings, we’ve rounded up our favourite pearl jewellery trends that show why Grandma’s tastes can’t be beat. As for the styling potential? The world is your oyster.

Mixed Metals


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Effortlessly cool and iconically contemporary, contrasting pearls with gold, silver, or other gemstones is a surefire way to make a statement. It makes sense: the minimal elegance of a white pearl is the perfect pairing to bring out the best in complementing textures and tones. Just make sure to choose wisely – styling this piece will bring a personalised touch to your look that says a lot about you. 

Traditional With A Twist


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Not exactly like your grandma’s pearls, the strands we’re gravitating towards today are sculptural and oozing with elevated elegance. Leaning on skillful craftsmanship to do the heavy lifting, finding your classic pearl piece is all about size and length. For everyday wear, opt for a miniature choker that will be on high rotation, while chunky pearls balance out the delicacy of the bead for a striking going out look. 

Strands On Strands On Strands


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Like the best chocolate cake, styling pearl jewellery is often all about the layers. Amping up the pearl count makes for a convincing case that more is more, but not all multi-strand pieces will have you rolling into full-blown maximalism. Fancy two for the price of one? Coil a pearl necklace around your wrist for a bracelet that suits the trend.

Perfectly Imperfect

If it’s not baroque, don’t fix it. In other words, embrace baroque pearls for one-of-a-kind beauty – both literally and figuratively. Particularly beloved back in the Renaissance era for their unique irregularity, baroque pieces are enjoying a well-deserved comeback in modern jewellery styles. If you consider yourself more Scary Spice than Posh, baroque pearls are great for a less fussy appearance.

The One


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Worn stylishly stacked or simply solo, a pearl pendant is flattering and timeless – like a trusty pair of jeans. Think of these pieces as your talisman of quiet opulence and play with length to find what best suits your neckline. You’re basically carrying a drop of the ocean wherever you go! 

Ring It Up


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While Ariana Grande’s marriage might not have lasted a lifetime, her gorgeous diamond and pearl engagement ring has us clutching for our very own piece. A simple pearl ring is oh-so romantic and unlikely to clash with the rest of your ‘fit, but we’re also vibing a bolder style for a tasteful statement. 

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