How I got here: Sharona Harris

How I got here: Sharona Harris

You need to add this jewellery brand to your lust-list now - it’s the label loved by celebrities and it-girls alike!

By Courtney Frank | 31st August 2017

She’s the energetic and extremely passionate jewellery designer who loves the beach and drinks far too much coffee. Margot Robbie and Lara Worthington are fans, and so are we. We get to know the woman behind F+H Jewellery.

How did you get to where you are today?
After university I worked in several marketing and public relations roles, all with successful entrepreneurs, which I found much more valuable than any university education. Working in small businesses, instead of large corporations, meant that I had to take on responsibilities outside of my role and learn how to problem solve quickly. In 2014 I had coffee with a good friend, and we decided to go into business together to start a jewellery brand. Unfortunately, that relationship didn’t work out, but I decided to keep the brand going. I am now the owner and designer of F+H Jewellery.

You have a long history of working in PR. Did this help or hinder you when it came to launching your own business?
It’s been my strength. It’s helped me to stand out from other brands in the market, as I know that the product is only one piece of the puzzle. Over the years I’ve formed relationships and friendships with so many people in the industry that have helped me along the way.

If F+H Jewellery was a woman, describe what she’d be like: 
She orders her coffee strong, dancing on the weekends is her favourite workout and she loves to play her music loud. She is as comfortable in a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers as she is in a little black dress and heels. She is confident and oh-so cool.

Starting your own brand is scary. What is the biggest risk you've had to take?
I recently invested in trying to break into the US market with a PR and sales team based in the US. The cost is high, but the payoff will be great if it works. Fingers crossed!


Image: F+H Jewellery

Your jewellery has a sort of “Saint Laurent” vibe to it. What inspires your creativity the most?
Music is always my inspiration, I can’t work without some great music playing loud in the office; it really elevates my mood and gets me excited. I’ll listen to anything from the Beastie Boys, to the White Stripes or Azealia Banks. As long as it’s upbeat, I’m into it.

Your brand has quickly become the go-to for celebrities and it-girls alike. Who would you ultimately love to see wearing your designs?
We recently sent some jewellery to Beyoncè, so I am really hoping to see her wearing the brand. It wouldn’t get much better than the Queen herself!

You do everything from designing the jewellery to managing the online store. Is it safe to say you have a hands on approach?
Haha yes! I do EVERYTHING, but that’s ok! I think when you’re starting out you really need to get a grip on all areas of your business, and of course you need to save money so that you can reinvest it into new collections. But it’s amazing how much you can learn so quickly, as long as you’re determined, you’ll figure things out along the way.

If the sky was the limit, how would you like to see the brand expand?
I really want to see F+H in some major international stockists, and I would also like to expand the brand to other accessories outside of jewellery. But for now my main focus is just growing my own online e-boutique Online shopping will have so much more growth here in Australia and overseas and I want to make sure I’m at the top of my game for that.


Image: F+H Jewellery

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Article by Courtney Frank

Hailing from sunny North Queensland, Courtney believes there’s nothing a good swim in the ocean can’t fix. With a strong background in print journalism, Courts (as she’s affectionally nicknamed) is most proud of her extensive sneaker collection and ever-growing podcast library. A tomboy at heart, when she’s not watching her beloved Brisbane Broncos or adventuring around the Sunshine Coast, you can find her with family, friends and a glass of red wine in hand.


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