When it comes to being a groom, tradition dictates that your style takes a backseat to the bride’s. However, this doesn’t mean your formal wear won’t require thought. In fact, with all the planning you may forget to take care of your own style needs. To help you out, below we’ve created the grooms checklist with a timeline that will keep you on track.

Three Months Out
About three months before the wedding start with getting fitted for your suit. When we say three months we mean this as a minimum. Realistically, the sooner the better, this way there will be no issues. You’ll also want to allow plenty of time to get your friends in for a fitting. Give them a due date that’s a little sooner than you really need. Guys are notorious procrastinators when it comes to getting fitted for formal wear.

One Month
Double check and make sure any alterations are perfect. This is especially true if you are buying the suit. Although a month out seems a little excessive it will give you time to correct any mistakes or make up for the weight you’ve gained or (hopefully) lost since your initial fitting. A Week Before It’s time to start working on some of the details. This is a good time to get a haircut. It will give you time to have a little bit of growth but you won’t have that “new haircut” look. Also sort out other personal grooming like cleaning up facial hair along with your new haircut. Check whether the suit needs a final press.

The Day Before
Go to where you are dressing and make sure you have all you need for the day. Double check to make sure you have your suit, shirt, tie, shoes, socks, vest, cufflinks and any personal effects like razors, shaving cream, soap, hair products, toothbrush. Also remember the rings!!

The Big Day
Hopefully by now you’ll be on cruise control because you’ve thought ahead and prepared. Still there are things that must be done. Do your final grooming and get a good close shave. Also don’t forget your deodorant; we tend to sweat during big moments. Check those rings one more time and then hand them off to your best man. The final step will probably be the biggest moment in your life. Since you know all the logistics are taken care of you’ll be able to take in the moment and enjoy your day.