Frances Hendrie: The First Multi-Brand Athleisure Boutique Of It’s Kind

Frances Hendrie: The First Multi-Brand Athleisure Boutique Of It’s Kind

Luxe tee brand Francis Hendrie just took sh*t to the next level.

By Scarlett Twine | 4th October 2018

Can basics ever go out of fashion? When you see a women walking down the street in black jeans, heels and a clean cut white tee. You think dayum, what a sophisticated lady. She is who she is and doesn’t even have to try. If this is something you have always wanted to achieve then you need to familiarise yourself with Frances Hendrie right now (okay not right now, but after you read this article!). The brand yell sophistication and politely mouth sexy. A luxury tee brand that just went athletic.

Earlier this year, Frances Hendrie introduced their athleisure. You can thank us now because your workout wardrobe just got a whole lot better! Currently, you can only purchase the athleisure in their James Street store, so make sure you get down there and check it out if you haven’t already.


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I know you never thought you could look glamorous working out – but these outfits are seriously testing the norm. It’s the only multi-brand athleisure boutique of its kind. Our favourites are the ‘Frankie’ and ‘Livvy’ Lilybod set in deep teal and the high waisted coral blush, ‘Amber’ work out pants. Perfectly paired with a basic tee – you will be set and channelling the ultimate cook chick.

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