Fashion VS Art

Fashion VS Art

Brisbane art curator and mum-of-three, Alison Kubler, has just become an internationally published author. Alison Kubler spoke to Kellie Alderman about style, art and having it all.

By Kellie Alderman | 27th November 2013

With her trademark mane of platinum hair, a swoosh of matte orange lipstick and her enviable wardrobe full of vintage designer names, Alison Kubler cuts a stylish figure at art and fashion events around Australia.

As co-author of new book, Art/Fashion in the 21st Century, Alison spent more than two years putting together the hardback tome, with friend and collaborator, Sydney journalist Mitchel Oakley Smith.

“I had been looking at collaborations between artists and fashion houses for about a decade, it started with a show at the Trussardi Museum in Milan that really struck a chord with me - they photographed a famous football team kicking around soccer balls all dressed in Trussardi suits, it really fascinated me,” she said.

“I met Mitchel in 2009 when Michael (her husband, acclaimed artist Michael Zavros) won the GQ Artist of the Year Award. Mitchel had just released a book on Australian fashion, we got on really well and I told him I’d always wanted to write a book about art and fashion and he loved the idea.”

“There really wasn’t any books out there documenting art and fashion collaborations since the turn of the century - there has been so many and it has changed the face of fashion.”
Two-and-a-half years later and the book has just been released in Australia, Europe and the US, with a second book in the works.

While art is her first love, fashion has always been a close second. “My grandmother and mother were both really stylish women who instilled in me a real sense of dressing well as a sign of respect for the people you would be spending time with,” she said.

And what does she hope to pass on to her own brood when it comes to matters of style?
“Have fun with it and don’t follow the rules. This generation of children coming through has such a different approach to fashion, everything is up for grabs, all the genres can be mixed and they really enjoy it.”

Art/Fashion in the 21st Century is available now from Thames & Hudson.



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Article by Kellie Alderman

Kellie Alderman has written about matters of fashion and beauty for more than 20 years as a former fashion and beauty editor for News Ltd. She is a panel member of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane, has hosted fashion workshops with Miranda Kerr and Nicole Trunfio and is often called upon by radio and television media as a style commentator. She has worked with companies such as David Jones, Triumph Lingerie, Maserati and Aria Restaurant, hosting and styling fashion events. Kellie is Style Magazine’s resident beauty expert, with a fabulous beauty column, The Beauty Style-List, appearing in our magazine every month. This year she launched her blog,, covering all the fashion and beauty happenings in Brisbane.


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