From Melbourne to Morocco.

By Annabelle Beirne | 26th April 2017

We sat down with Australian designer Lucy Folk to talk inspiration, wardrobe must-haves, and trips to Morocco.

What inspired you to start your label?
My love of precious materials and food were the catalyst for my brand. I couldn’t think of anything better than being able to wear what I create.

Did you always want to work in fashion?
I never really thought I would work in fashion. I am a trained gold and silversmith; the idea is that you have exhibitions and sell in a contemporary jewellery arena. I did this for some time until I realised I didn’t quite fit the mould.

What made you want to expand the business beyond jewellery?
One needs to challenge themselves creatively. I wanted to learn about other materials and products, and have a go at putting my own spin on them.

What is your advice for brides when accessorising on their special day?
Keep it minimal. Opt for one key piece – either earrings or a necklace. It’s the one day to pare it back.

Who are your three major style icons (past or present)?
My mother, Consuelo Castiglioni, Anita Pallenberg.

What trend are you most excited to see in Australia this Autumn/Winter?
I don’t follow trends. My go-to is [my] statement Ghost Coat from Anya Hindmarch.

Your cocktail clutches are exquisite! If you had to put together an outfit from your wardrobe to match the Playa Cocktail Clutch, what would it be?
I would wear the robe and shorts in pink that I sell in my store with some full-piece Marysia white Antibes bathers, paired with my white Balenciaga slides. The linen robes are made in Marrakech.

Tell us a bit about the inspiration behind the interiors of the Bondi store.
I adore pink. Its feminine and fun and makes me happy. I wanted the shop to challenge the traditional notion of how a shop should be fitted out. I wanted to turn everything on its head. I love the element of surprise and seeing people react to an environment that is unique.

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What three wardrobe items couldn’t you live without?
A good jacket, my fluffy sandals, great jeans.

What beauty product would you consider to be the most essential when travelling?
I travel with a lot of toiletries: cleanser, toner, moisturiser, deep sleep spray, melatonin, vitamin C, magnesium, dry shampoo, face sunscreen, makeup... there are too many to name!

Where would we find you eating breakfast on a lazy morning in Paris?
Wild & The Moon. It’s the healthiest cafe in the Marais. I am there every day when I am in Paris.

With your pieces stocked in Positano, I’m assuming you’ve fallen in love with Italy at some point. Do you have any “must-see” spots?
Ischia - the botanical gardens are some of the best I have seen.
Venice - the water taxi ride into Venice is insane.
Positano - cruising the coast and Da Adolfo for lunch.
Capri - the walk to Fontelina is pretty spectacular.
Aeolian Islands - having a sunset drink at the port in Panarea.
Ponza - sailing around the island. The water is beyond blue. The rocky cliffs and coastline towering over the boats are awe-inspiring.
Taormina - listening to Ennio Morricone in the amphitheatre.

Other than the bold and inviting pops of colour, what else warms your heart about Morocco?
The architecture, the people and the food. I adore it. There is so much vibrancy in Morocco.

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What was the most inspiring thing about your recent trip to Tokyo?
The attention to detail in all creative areas in Tokyo is perfection, from the wrapping of chocolate at Higashiya to the presentation of ceramic saké cups at restaurants.

What do you love most about Melbourne? Will the city always be home?
I love the city, the energy, the food, and my family. I will always be from Melbourne but I don’t call it home anymore.

Where will your next international business trip take you?
Marrakech. Then Venice and Paris.

What is your number one piece of advice for aspiring Australian designers?
It’s a long road, but if you love what you do, time goes by in a flash!

What’s next in store for Lucy Folk in 2017?
There is so much in store that it’s hard to list: exciting brand collaborations, another store (fingers crossed) and a whole lot of new product!

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Article by Annabelle Beirne

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