Dress like the front-row fash pack

Dress like the front-row fash pack

With Fashion Weeks gracing catwalks around the globe, our UK fashion correspondent Olivia from Missguided shows us how to dress like a front row fashionista in ol’ Blighty. Cor, blimey!

By Guest Styler | 28th March 2014

The lights are glaring, the room heaves, camera lenses focus, everyone settles in their seat and though eyes dart like arrows towards the beautiful people strutting down the walkway, your outfit is the most important in the room. Rapper Angel Haze recently front row-ed it for Alexander Wang’s show and admitted she doesn’t wear skirts, so on this all important occasion, what’s the fashion code? Let me enlighten you…

1. Pastels

The Spring/Summer season in the Northern Hemisphere is underway, with the fashion savvy preparing for an explosion of pastel dreams to accompany their ice creams and frolics in the park. Pair this look with gold jewellery but be subtle about it, part of pastel is its soft and simplistic nature so an overload in accessories will ruin it! Take a look at what inspired us on our blog.

A display of pastel coloured sill dresses

We love pastel. Source: Peace Loves Mart

We’re engrossed with Rita Ora’s daring hairstyle and, well, all of her!

Singer Rita Ora with pastel coloured hair

Rita Ora rocks the pastel. Source: Beauty Benefits of Love

2. Statement piece

You go to a fashion show to experience the displays of expert craftsmanship and also… to get snapped. It’s as much about you as it is them, right? As long as your outfit isn’t dripping in outward pattern choices then a dash of accessories can be appreciated. When Kim Kardashian launched her perfume Sephora in LA, she wore a plain black number with a bold piece around her neck:

Always remember though: balance is key!

3. Florals

Flowers are synonymous with the Spring/Summer season and are the ideal partner when we’re lazing on flowering greens (just hope the bees don’t get you confused with the real thing and try to pollinate you). We were inspired when Lily Collins showcased a Mary Katrantzou dress at this year’s pre-BAFTA party:

We love how the flowers match her Jimmy Choo shoes, Kendall Jenner poses with Cara Delevigne at LOVE Magazine’s launch party sporting this maroon number and dark checked trousers:

4. Accessories

Though we brushed on statement pieces, we needed to have a word about bags. There is no other option to go with other than the almighty clutch. One perfect example is Clémence Poésy brandishing a Stella McCartney clutch at the 2014 Paris Fashion Week. Dressed down but still looking effortlessly sleek, we can definitely learn to take a page out of her book.


(From left) Lily Collins in a Mary Katrantzou number. Source: Daily Mail.  Clémence Poésy at Paris Fashion Week. Source: Pinterest. Kendall Jenner in florals with Cara Delevigne. Source: Ok Magazine. Kim Kardashian knows how to make a statement. Source: Wikipedia

So there we have it, four tips that make up the pillars of front row fashion. Just remember to give us a mention when the paparazzi are fighting to get snaps and interviews from you, okay?


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Article by Guest Styler

This story has been written by a Guest Styler for Style Digital.


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