We had a chat with Kaan Tavli, Urbbana Senior Stylist and Brand Manager, about life in the fashion industry. From late-night jazz to early morning meetings, here’s his day hour-by-hour.

5:30AM My mornings are the most consistent part of my life. The first thing I do is check emails and go over my agenda for day – from meetings to styling sessions. Shortly afterwards, I check the Urbbana social media accounts for any product order requests. Usually, when I’m halfway through this, I’ll start hearing persistent meows for attention by my needy cat, which forces me out of bed.

5:30AM Every day, without fail, I’m at the gym or out for a run. During my adolescence I played futsal semi-professionally, representing QLD for national tournaments. As a result, consistent training is embedded into my day-to-day life, which I’m thankful for – I love the feeling after finishing a challenging workout!

8:30AM The way I style myself in the morning depends on the mood I’m in at the time, but I always live by advice my father once gave me; “There are 3 things you never compromise on: the quality of your shoes, the quality of your tie, and the quality of the person you one day marry!”

8:45AM Edward Coffee House on Mary St is my second home – there’s really nowhere better for coffee and breakfast!

Urbbana Senior Stylist

9:00AM As soon as I arrive at the boutique, I speak to our talented designer, Sam Abi, about the agenda for the day. Afterwards, I begin to prepare for any meetings or styling sessions I have, and action any orders that need to be sent out to clients. As the Urbbana Senior Stylist and Brand Manager, my role is very hands-on and can include everything from styling sessions through to dispatching orders.

12:00PM My role has a strong emphasis on business development, marketing and operations management. Whether I am liaising with our craftsman in Portugal, Turkey and Italy regarding our custom made suiting orders or working with corporate clients to help ensure they’re making the impact they want to be making, my focus is always to create impact with style.

3:00PM At our flagship boutique on Edward St we have a high-end full-service barbershop and lounge area, which I fully utilise when it comes to meetings! I love talking business over a razor shave and coffee. I’ve also got a love for traditional French boulangerie, which is why during lunch I’m usually at Le Bon Choix café.

7:00PM With our industry being a very social one, I usually find myself attending events throughout the week. I tend to eat out a lot, but also love to enjoy a home-cooked meal every now and then!

10:00PM There are three things I do when I have the time to unwind: eat good food, drink great wine, and smoke an even better cigar! I’m a huge fan of jazz/lounge music, so whenever a Frank Sinatra or Tony Bennett track is playing, that’s a wrap! I visit the Doo-Bop Jazz Bar on Edward St quite often, and can regularly be found enjoying the live music until the late hours of the evening.

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