Customsing Catwalk Looks

Customsing Catwalk Looks

Get to know the new online store that is quickly becoming the premier online style destination for customisable catwalk looks!

By Candice Jackson | 27th May 2014

There’s a new online retailer on our radar that will help your personal style shine through any outfit! Fame & Partners merges cutting-edge fashion with individuality, so the millennial girl can create her own unique look.

Fame & Partners was originally launched in the US, but now has a large base… what can we say we love creating our own looks as an expression of our individual personality and style, am I right?

The online retailer encourages young fashionistas to discover and craft their own unique style, by merging cutting-edge fashion and catwalk trends to customise an exclusive look.

The website offers a style profiling quiz to ensure girls can easily discover the best looks for them.

The quick quiz includes:
1. Choose the closest to your everyday style from a selection of current street trends.
2. Choose which dress you would wear from a selection of red carpet looks.
3. Choose words that describe your style.
4. Choose make-up trends and hairstyles you love from the inspiration pinboards.
5. Choose from the listed runway looks that would inspire your dream dress.
6. Scale the importance of fashion to you.
7. Express how much skin you like to bare in dresses.
8. Detail your complexion, hair colour and body shape.

Once you’ve finished with the quiz it suggests styles that you would rock or love, based on your responses.

Every dress on the site is made on demand and is designed to have up to four customisation options, which could include changes to length, sleeves, colour or beading or adding tulle or trains, to name a few!

Here is a quick chat I had with the CEO of Fame & Partners Nyree Corby:

Tell me a little about yourself…
My background is ecommerce but my hobby is fashion. I was flicking through the Sunday Telegraph and noticed an article warning girls about the perils of shopping on Chinese websites that were offering special occasion dresses. Upon further investigation I realised how under serviced this market is; there are over 4 million young women with a fashion focused blog or Tumblr account; these are young women curating trends, shaping a culture of girls that are inspiring others with style inspiration every day and yet the products on offer to this market looked like something out of a 1980's pantomime or a cheap celebrity knock-off. I decided to do something about it; to build a brand that inspired young women to craft a look that is unique to them, in line with the way they express themselves sartorially online and in the real world.

Has the brand had much interest from Australians so far?

Yes! Approximately 50 percent of our sales are coming from Australians already. We hope to be the go-to label for the latest looks for special occasions; making catwalk trends more accessible for young women's special events.

Can you explain more about the styling?

Our styling algorithm works in two ways; tracking the trends online that are most popular, to inform our fast design process and then matching girls to the dresses that will suit them the best. We very much see this as personalised fast fashion; sort of like a Zara 2.0, for special occasion dresses.

Every dress is designed with up to 4 customisations which is possible because we make-on-demand. This is recognising that girls want to be inspired by the trends but make the dress their own. Our brand is all about expressing one's individuality. To support this and ensure the look is completely unique to our customer, we offer a twin alert so that no one attending the same event can purchase that same dress.


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Article by Candice Jackson

Candice Jackson is a former Journalist of Style Magazines. She has an uncontrollable sweet tooth, an irrational fear of birds and a love of travel. Candice believes in the Yes Man Philosophy.


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