Your Guide To Last-Minute Coachella Outfits

Your Guide To Last-Minute Coachella Outfits

Here's a peek into the Coachella outfits that have been hand-picked by Australia's favourite fashion duo.

By Thessy Kouzoukas & Yiota Kouzoukas | 18th April 2018

Coachella’s first weekend has come and gone quicker than you can say Beyoncé and those heading out for week two are already feeling the last-minute panic to find the perfect Coachella outfits.

Whilst Coachella is all about epic music, there is no denying it's also ALL about the fashion! So for those of you who are about to descend on the dessert, we have the perfect last-minute Coachella outfits inspo.

Sabo Skirt co-owners Thessy & Yiota Kouzoukas have shared with us a sneak-peek into their Coachella Pinterest board, and what they have pinned for inspiration to help pull together their favourite Coachella outfits.

Whilst the duo won’t personally be heading off to Coachella this year, owning an international fashion empire means they know a thing or two when it comes to styles, trends and looking chic during a three-day party in Palm Springs.

What are you vibing for Coachella 2018?

“For us, Coachella this year is all about those 70’s vintage vibes,” says Thessy.

“We think the Boho Chic look has come and gone, and this is a fresh approach on a down-to-earth style.”

“Vintage is really trending right now, and Thessy and I both lean towards unique vintage pieces when we want to stand out in a crowd,” says Yiota.

“The best bit about a 70s-inspired look is that it is actually effortless and affordable… It’s based on oversized branded t-shirts, ripped denim, and classic feminine cuts!

“There is nothing too intense and it's going to leave you uncomfortable after a long day.” Says Yiota.


What is your festival outfit must-have?

“Accessories, accessories, accessories!” Says Yiota.

“Accessories can really make or break a festival outfit, and are so fun to play around with.”

“We are obsessed with gold jewellery as it can really add something special to any look (and is amazing on sun-kissed skin),” said Thessy

“Layer up and be creative with your jewellery, and don’t be scared to throw a statement hat or bag with your outfit to make it truly epic!”


Your festival footwear of choice?

“Sneakers, always,” says Thessy

“We are sneaker girls through and through, and the festival scene is no different,” says Yiota.

“Especially with somewhere like Palms Spring, a sneaker is perfect because you don’t have to worry about it being wet and muddy… its also a chic and stylish way to ensure that you can dance all night, without having to worry about blisters and sore feet."

Where do you find inspiration for your Coachella outfits?

“Pinterest is honestly where we go for a lot of style inspiration because it is a really awesome way to lay out ideas and makes figuring out a vibe so simple,” says Yiota

“So I guess these images are a little sneak peek into our brains when it comes to our current festival style.”

“It’s all about being confident and taking the opportunity to wear things you don’t always get a chance to,” says Thessy.

Feature Image: Ohhcouture via Pinterest

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Article by Thessy Kouzoukas & Yiota Kouzoukas

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